July 02, 2022

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The Heavenly Abode” will be milestone for Uttarakhandi Cuisine: Dr Nishank

The Heavenly Abode” will be milestone for Uttarakhandi Cuisine: Dr Nishank

Dr Ramesh pokhriyal Nishank former Education Minister, Govt of India released book “The Heavenly Abode” a culinary trails into the food of Uttarakhand written by two young writers Smriti Hari and Ashu Jain at mousoorie. Nishank said Uttarakhand is the land of God’s and the food of Uttarakhand- pahadi food has valuable and high nutritional health benefits.

The Heavenly Abode will be milestone for Uttarakhandi cuisine and is full of valuable information for the cooks and people of country and abroad. He said that Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is the birth place of Vedas, purans and upanishads.

Ayurveda discovered in Uttarakhand is now followed by whole world. He also said that if the people are not physically healthy than how can a person be mentally healthy. Uttarakhandi food have all the properties to keep person healthy physically as well as mentally. He congratulated Smriti Hari and Ashu Jain for writing the book on Uttarakhandi cuisine.    

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Smriti Hari author told that 84 pages well researched book is co authored by Ashu Jain, they are local residents of mousoorie and have a common passion for food. The photographs accompany these mouth watering recipes by Joy deep Das. This book have all from flavorsome delicacies such as Kandali ka saag, pahadi namak, jhakhiya aloo, jhangore ki kheer, paapdi, chainsu, phanu.

This comprehensive food guide has recipes of beverages, condiments, finger foods, meals , desserts including snippets of the health benefits of these food items. Uttarakhandi cuisine though traditionally grain and cereal based is made up of simple ingredients that retains its nutritional qualities and flavour which is also one of its many USPs.

This joint effort by Smriti Hari and Ashu Jain – The Heavenly Abode, a culinary trail into the food of Uttarakhand took close to two years of research. The guest of honor of the programme was jot Singh Gunsola and Anuj Gupta, chairman Nagar palika parishad, mousoorie.

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