October 17, 2021

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We Do Online Portal Advertising

Web portals can be compared to newspapers and magazines except that they are online. Users flock to these portals to read news, articles, interviews, look for classifieds, etc.
Though Print media initially opposed and never wanted to recognize News Portals, But now all the newspapers and magazines are floating around web only.

Life of Print Media is just for 3 hours a day that to between 7 am to 9 am after that you know what you do with waste.

But Online Advertisement Stays long period of time.

In the time of national crises like Covid19 News Web Portals were the fastest growing information platform internationally.

Digital India is the best initiative which gave us a great opportunity to reach with your advertisement in Smartphone and Desktop in super fast manner.

We do Advertising in portals www.doonited.in

Direct Portal: Certain portals and websites do not affiliate with CDN’s and prefer to manage their ad spaces on their own. F

Often companies might choose mix of both methods depending on their business nature, target segment, media objectives and of course the budget.

Depending on the Portal and CDN, the ads can be managed through a Pay Per Click-PPC model or Cost Per Thousand (impressions)-CPM model.

We at Doonited® will manage your advertisement by :

  • Listing your specific media objectives
  • Election Campaign package News & Advertisement.
  • We will create feature news of your brands.
  • Choosing the Right portals and Content Distribution Networks
  • Optimizing the usage of your budget to meet your media objectives
  • Creating and deploying your display banner ads
  • Monitoring the performance of your display banner ads
  • Post your Advertisement in various blogs operated by us.

Lets come straight our news portal Doonited online rate card is as under.

As For private sector and Govt. Sector two different rates are mentioned
(As we are approved A Category News Portal of Uttarakhand so rates are in right side for Government Sector)

Rate Card

Will neither teach nor talk about Search Engine Optimization

Money Back: We will Simply deliver results for your website and blogs.

Rate Card

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