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Dear Friends,

We are overwhelmed to inform you that Doonited is receiving enormous support from Dehradun & Uttarakhand online users. In year 2012, we have started in blogging work and have many more FB Group & Like Pages at Kolkata, Mumbai, Maharashtra & Nagpur.Understand us before joining any group or like page Powered By Doonited.Doonited Family Group:

In Uttarakhand we started Doonited, It is a private group in Uttarakhand since 2016. Here you will find all the talented Doonites and people who are concerned with Devbhoomi’s Culture, Food, Sports, Art, Photography etc… It is just a try to ‘unite Dehradun and Uttarakhand as a whole’, encourage and promote Dehradun & Uttarakhand talents, social worker, and various activities with positive information from the members, to the people. Come Join Hands.

Doonited Group

Doonited Group

Please Note: If you follow the below given dos and don’ts, you will not get blocked. But if you don’t, either your posts will not be approved or deleted or you will be blocked from the group.After years of Blogging experience, we have understood many points and also people may not like you if you don’t follow their terms and conditions, their self ideas but ‘Good Blogging’ is not to please everyone but to put things in order and reflect on topics the blog thinks is right.People often become member of the group only to promote their own group, like, YouTube, Instagram pages, which is strictly a BIG No, No.

And it has been noticed, that if we refuse to do so, they talk ill about the group, that’s fine with us because those who genuinely want to be with the group Doonited, will stick around while others are welcome to leave.


1. One can join if you are from Uttarakhand or linked to Uttarakhand.

2. We are not looking for large number of members but quality people who are genuinely concerned with the city and the state of Uttarakhand.

3. You can showcase your poem, painting, dance, skills, knowledge, concern, opinion, and your good deeds towards society.

4. Do suggest what best we can do for the city and state through blog posts.


1. Please don’t join with intention of posting your blog page, like page, group page because it becomes difficult on our part to remove or block such members. It may sound harsh but we will be left with no choice but to do so.
2. Don’t force us to follow your political, religious or party politics; we will simply remove the post or comment and if forced, will be removed from the group.3. Don’t post your commercial events, promotional activities, lottery, products etc as the group is strictly non-commercial.

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Doonited Like Page

What is Doonited Like Page: This is a like page which is all about news snippets of the city and Uttarakhand as a whole.

Here you get regular news updates – Regional, National and International. Doonited is just an awareness forum; it is a promotional blog and a news portal for positive informations.

We are not here to impose any kind of ideology or following any political or non political party. We neither believe in Yellow Journalism nor copy others News Posts.Do’s: Here you can share your news related posts only.Don’ts: Do not post political, religious or party politics; we will simply ban you from the page.

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Foodies Circle Of India

What is Foodies Circle of India It’s a Facebook Group related to food, food photography, food recipes that includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks, It is all about Trendy Restaurant, Café, Street Food, Food Joint, Chef’s, Hospitality, and Cuisines of India.

Rule: Do’s
1. Do suggest what best we can do for city and state through this blog.
1. Please don’t join with intention to posting your Food blog page, Food like page, Food group page, Youtube Link, because we will remove the post and if continued doing so, will not hesitate to block you.
2. Don’t post your events, promotional activities, restaurant reviews or anything that is commercial or directly, indirectly promoting any product.

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Doon Deal Vocal For Local

What is Doon Deals: One can join if you are from Uttarakhand or linked anywhere with Uttarakhand. This is business promotion group only for Uttarakhand and no other state people can join this group.Here one can promote any kind of business, promotion, activities events, educational, non-educational posts related to Dehradun & UttarakhandDo’s : Here you can share your blog page, like page, group page.Don’t: Do not post political, religious or party politics; we will simply block you from the page.Do Not Post more than 2 Business Deal in a day… So you have better chance to sell your products..No hate speech or bullying:

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Incredible Uttarakhand:

You can post anything related to Only Uttarakhand viz Temple, Tourism, Pictures, Social ctivities.

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All India Laughter Club: Life is too short. Make most of your moments memorable and always be happy.Problems are there, no doubt, but always remember that God gave us a happy heart so that we can fill this world with good vibes and happiness. Smile, laugh, and be happy always. Spread love.

Laughter is a positive and powerful emotion that has all the ingredients required for individuals to master themselves and to change the world in a tubular way, So Lets Spread Happiness…

No rules can be made for smile and laughter…Just Respect the group and keep Admins in loop… They all try to make you smile. Make sure members do not hurt anyone’s emotion, religion, cast, avoid politics as they are always creating bitterness. Avoid yourself picture promotion unless it is really making people laugh….Just avoid cheap style of communication, vulgar and sexual explicit post as all age group members are part of this group …

Cheers and Have FUN ?

By Clicking Here you can join the group: Our Tag Line is BE POSITIVE BE UNITED: Jai Uttarakhand.

About Us:

We have decades of experience in PRINT MEDIA, and is an E-News Portal.Doonited is here to showcase Uttarakhand to rest of the world. Its aim is to encourage tourism, create a positive atmosphere, promoting entrepreneurs, talents and above all Uniting Uttarakhand.

Notification: When you join any group, it keeps on giving you notifications. You may get annoyed or disturbed due to this, simple solution is just switch off notifications button. Come and see as and when you want to.

Come feel free and become our Citizen Journalist, write positive news in Hindi or in English, Send photographs. For More visit send your news, views, article at Thanks Doonited: Lets Be United.

Contact: Doonited News & Media Services



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