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Delhi police got into a brawl with an Indian Olympic wrestler

Delhi police got into a brawl with an Indian Olympic wrestler

Delhi police got into a brawl with an Indian Olympic wrestler during a #MeToo protest in the Indian capital. They demonstrated against the president of the wrestling federation after he was accused of sexual assault flooded. The female wrestler claimed that there were no female officers and that she was attacked by officers, including a drunken officer.

Delhi Police deny allegations that violence was not used in the brawl and five policemen were injured Medical examination found no intoxicated officers “Five policemen injured during brawl”

An Olympic wrestler saw Rio Olympic bronze medalist Saksi Malik go into a fight with police who said he was “in distress” and saw him collapse. A young wrestler named Dushyant Phogat was bleeding from the head and another wrestler was taken to the hospital.

Multiple world champion Vinesh Phogat, the first Indian wrestler to win gold at the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games, said, “The way they make us suffer, athletes win medals for their country.”

Tokyo Olympic medalist Bajrang Punia said, “What happens to the medals when wrestlers are treated like this?

“You have already insulted us enough. Mr. Singh is accused of sexually abusing and harassing six women and a girl.A task force was set up to investigate the allegations. say it didn’t happen.

Delhi police filed two lawsuits against Mr Singh after demonstrators petitioned the Supreme Court of India. This includes under the Child Protection Against Severe Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO).

“It’s a pity.” So far, it’s no big deal that Mr. Singh hasn’t been questioned or arrested by the police, but as a criminal he wouldn’t. I am not a criminal.” Ressler was supported by agricultural groups and opposition parties. Opposition parliamentary leader Deepender Huda told Sky News: “We are sorry for what is happening to our wrestlers. We stand with them in their fight.” One of the protesters, his Atul Tewari, showing shoe prints on his shirt.

Those who are honored will be treated as such. “We will continue this fight until this man (Mr. Singh) is arrested and put in jail. We will fight this fight to the end. This is a fight for the honor of our women.”

The Indian Ministry of Sports has stripped the Indian Wrestling Federation of all administrative powers. She acknowledges structural flaws and the lack of internal grievance mechanisms for sexual harassment as required by law.

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