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Sushant Divgikr Finds Love, Shares Picture With Beau On Instagram

Sushant Divgikr Finds Love, Shares Picture With Beau On Instagram

New Delhi: Actor and singer Sushant Divgikr, who is known as Rani Ko-HE-nur, has found love and posted pictures with the love of her life on Instagram. Though Divgikr didn’t reveal the identity of the guy, she wrote in the caption, “Alexa, what do you call JIJU in Bengali ?” 

The pictures shows Sushant with the mystery man whose face is not completly visible. The caption read, “Alexa , what do you call JIJU in Bengali ? Asking for #ranifam !!! reveal when ? Also in Marathi / konkani – we call Jiju – BHAUJI / BHAAIYA ! What do you call Jiju in YOUR language?” 

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Sushant spoke about the guy and said, “He works and lives in Australia, but he’s an Indian. Main kahin par bhi jaake Indian hi pakadti hoon, damaad toh Indian hi hoga! Mujhe proper Indian wedding chahiye.”   

“I have known him for a year. Before us, he was with someone else, but he broke up very soon. Our fondness for each other was always there. But even when you are attracted to someone, you don’t want to spoil someone else’s relationship. These are values I hold very close. I would never do that to anybody else, just like I wouldn’t want it to happen to me. We met in LA first, of all the places,” she was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times. 

“He is the still water, I am the Tsunami, or rather the alligator that jumps out of the still water. Yin to my yang,” she added. 

Hours later after her first post about the ‘jiju’, Sushant shared another post saying she didn’t mean to break the internet with the pictures. She wrote in the caption, “But like I mean !!! She’s been breaking stereotypes, barriers , glass ceilings so why not the Internet !??? Btw some more pics of Jiju and me are on the way. Excited?” 

Sushant was last seen in Bhumi Pednekar starrer ‘Thank You For Coming.’

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