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Scattering Ashes From a Cremation Urn – A Spiritual Perspective

Scattering Ashes From a Cremation Urn – A Spiritual Perspective
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The way we go about scattering the ashes of our loved ones after they are cremated either helps them in the afterlife or obstructs their onward journey. Spiritual research conducted has shown that immersing ashes in water alone can benefit our ancestors. This article also provides information on the reasons behind the spiritually correct methods to be adopted – right from the collection of ashes to its final disposal.

1. Introduction to scattering ashes

Nowadays there is an increasing trend of people choosing cremation over burial as a funeral rite. The funeral rite of cremation that takes place either on a funeral pyre or in a crematorium does not dispose off the body totally. The remains are commonly known as ashes and are handed back to the family in an urn. The entire process from receiving the ashes to the scattering of the ashes is important from a spiritual point of view. Depending on the process adopted, we can either help our departed loved one to move on in their afterlife or we may be instrumental in their remaining earthbound. However the surviving relatives who receive the ashes in a cremation urn are generally unaware of the spiritually correct way of scattering the ashes.

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In the article on, ‘What is the spiritual perspective on cremation, burial and body consumed by vultures?’ we described how the corpse could be attacked by ghosts, thus impeding the progress of a subtle-body after death. The ashes after cremation represent the last vestiges of the person. The ashes therefore have the same frequencies as that of the departed ancestor.

We know that we can medically identify a decomposed body that is beyond recognition by techniques such as DNA testing etc. because even a small remnant of a tooth or hair matches exactly to the person. Similarly at a subtler, intangible level the smallest remnant of the corpse, even in the ashes has the same frequencies and vibrations as the person.

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These frequencies are generally negative in nature. As 50% of the population is below 30% spiritual level, the frequencies emanating from the body are the subtle basic Raja-Tama frequencies. Also as 100% of the population is affected by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) the frequencies emanating from the body and ashes are of the Tama variety. As a result, they are distressing to us at a subtle level.

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