January 21, 2022

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Raigad police claim to have solved 90% of crime cases registered in district in 2021

Raigad police claim to have solved 90% of crime cases registered in district in 2021

The Raigad police have claimed that 90% of the total cases registered in the district have been solved in the year 2021.

A total of 2,254 cases were registered in Raigad district last year, of which 2,031 cases were solved, making a detection of 90% of the cases registered. The Raigad police administration claimed to be having the highest detection rate in Konkan range.

In 2020, the detection rate was 79% with around 1,000 fewer cases registered as compared to 2021. Meanwhile, the conviction rate of Raigad police at session court is just 24%.

“With the help of specialised training to the staff, we would empower them with more technical knowledge of evidence collection and investigation to increase the conviction rate,” Raigad superintendent of police, Ashok Dudhe, said.

A total of 108 sessions court trials were conducted in 2021 of which the accused in 26 cases were convicted. Meanwhile, 1,578 trials were conducted in the magistrate courts of which the accused in 1,203 cases were convicted, making a 76% conviction rate at the magistrate court.

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In 2021, 38 murders were reported in the district, out of which 37 cases were detected. A murder in Karjat is the only one that remains to be solved because the person who was killed has not been identified.

All the 20 attempt-to-murder cases and one dacoity case was solved. Out of 23 cases of robbery registered, 13 cases were solved. Of the 161 house break thefts, 78 were solved and out of 408 theft cases, 224 have been detected, Dudhe added.

Along with solving the cases, in order to prevent crimes, Raigad police have also been focussing on prevention of crimes. “A total of 5,249 preventive cases were done under various provisions as a part of curbing the crime. Five Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act cases, one Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities case and 55 Prohibition Act cases are a part of these preventive measures,” Dudhe said.

Raigad has a total of 12,093 CCTV cameras installed, of which 5,000 were installed in 2021. “Around 42 crimes that happened in Navi Mumbai were solved with the help of the CCTV cameras. Hence, CCTVs play a vital role in the detection of crimes,” DSP Atul Zende said.

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A total of 147 crime registered were against the women, of which 141 were solved, making a 96% detection in the crimes against women in the district. A total of 1.53 lakh were penalised for flouting various traffic norms and 4.30Cr fine was levied from them. Sniffer dog of Raigad Police, ‘Oscar’, also helped the team in solving the Mahad murder case of the lady sarpanch who was killed and then sexually abused by the accused.

By auctioning around 272 unclaimed motor vehicles, Raigad police collected 34.10 lakh and added it to the government’s treasury. Meanwhile, valuables worth 55 lakh recovered by solving the cases were returned to the owners over the period of 2021.

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