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Power of Habits was theme of the 420th meeting of Dehradun WIC India Toastmasters Club

Power of Habits was theme of the 420th meeting of Dehradun WIC India Toastmasters Club

The meeting was opened by Toastmaster Neha Singh. She read out mission of the club and laid down few ground rules for the meeting. 

The meeting was presided over by Toastmaster Areeb. He welcomed all members and guests present in the meeting. Areeb invited Toastmaster Kanika Juyal, VP Membership to conduct the meeting as Toastmaster of the Day.

Kanika explained 3 segments of the meeting particularly for the benefit of the guests. Elaborating on the theme of the meeting Kanika said habits are what we keep repeating. Habits can be good or bad. Good habits transform our lives and shape our character.

Harry Sethi said, “According to Stephen Covey, the author of 7 habits of effective people, habits are intersection of Knowledge, Skills and Desire. Effective habits are internalised principles and patterns of behaviour.”

General Evaluator Dev Mishra explained his role and introduced his team. Timer Neha Sharma, Ah counter Geeta, Grammarian Sumit Saini and TT Evaluator BP Kothiyal introduced their respective roles. Sumit announced Illustrious as word of the day and Fish Out of Water as idiom of the day.  All speakers were encouraged to use these. 

Listener Arvind Dimri said he would frame questions based on the speeches of all role players and ask for answers to test the attentiveness of all present in the meeting.

Toastmaster Ravinder delivered his icebreaker speech sharing diverse journey of his life so far. He is currently doing courses for tourist guides and learning Spanish language at Doon University. He said he had joined Toastmasters club to improve his communication skills. His speech was evaluated by Toastmaster Bharat Pant.

Areeb delivered his level 1 speech of pathway Persuasive Influence. He said, “Life is not meant to be perfect. It is just like Voltaire said, Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.  In the end it is the goodness in our hearts and the laughter in our souls which truly defines a life well lived.” Harry Sethi evaluated his speech.

Toastmaster Neha delivered her 2nd speech of level-2. Her project was: “My leadership style” and her speech title was “From That To This”. 

In her speech she explained how participation is important in building a leadership quality and what hinders the participation. she elucidated about her own leadership style and how she understood the importance of participation in building leadership qualities. Her speech was evaluated by BP Kothiyal.

The Table Topics segment was conducted by Toastmaster Shreyansh. He asked volunteers to pick an item from his bag and deliver a speech assuming to be that object. This was enjoyed by all.Based on the voting Areeb was voted the best speaker and Kothiyal the best Table Topics speaker. Kanika was voted the best role player and Sumit Saini the best Auxiliary role player. Bharat Pant was voted the best evaluator.

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