August 01, 2021

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Nutmeg (Jaiphal) is full of medicinal properties

Nutmeg (Jaiphal) is full of medicinal properties

Benefits of Nutmeg:

India is called the land of spices. You will find many types of spices in the Indian kitchen. All these spices not only enhance the taste of food, but also provide many benefits to health. One of these spices is nutmeg. Nutmeg is more than just a spice that enhances the taste and smell of food.

It is used sparingly in recipes. There is also a lot of nutritional value in it. It helps in curing many diseases. Nutmeg present in your kitchen can also make the immune system strong.

Known for its sweet aroma, this spice is actually the seed of an evergreen tree native to Indonesia, known as Myristica fragrans. So, today we are telling you about this:

Nutmeg is the fruit of Indonesia

This is the fruit of Indonesia which is the seed of an evergreen tree known as Myristica fragrans. This tree is also grown in South India. Immunity can be increased by eating it. Not only eating nutmeg, blood sugar level also remains under control and sex power also increases in people. Let’s know what benefits you can get from eating nutmeg.

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Nutmeg increases immunity

To increase immunity, drink a hot cup of milk, half a teaspoon of honey, ground cardamom and 2 pinches of nutmeg powder. This will not only boost your immunity, but you will also get good sleep at night.

For bad breath

Nutmeg oil has antibacterial properties. It is also used in many toothpastes. It can help eliminate bacteria that cause stench in the mouth. It can provide relief in gingivitis and tooth pain.

Will have better sleep, insomnia problem will go away

People who have trouble falling asleep at night, they can take a small dose of nutmeg every day. Nutmeg can prove to be much better for such people. Such people will have to consume it everyday for a long time. For this, before taking a glass, take a pinch of nutmeg with a glass of milk.

Use in medicines and cosmetic things

Nutmeg oil is used for medicines and cosmetic things. It has great importance in Ayurveda. It contains many nutrients. Nutmeg contains nutrients such as fiber, thiamine, vitamin B6, folate, copper, macligran and magnesium. Let us know how this oil helps to overcome many health problems.

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Improves sex drive

Nutmeg is a kind of hot spice. Apart from this, let us tell you that nutmeg acts like a type of homegrown Viagra. In this case, you can get a lot of benefit by using it in food. But it should be consumed in very small quantities. Consumption of nutmeg keeps people’s sex drive also right. This food increases libido which helps in fertility.

Blood sugar level will remain in control

Nutmeg is full of anti-inflammatory properties and keeps blood sugar levels under control. It contains sabinene, terpinol and pinene which is also effective in relieving chronic inflammation, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis in the body.

Toothache Relief

Nutmeg is consumed in toothache. Toothache can also be eradicated by consuming nutmeg. Taking honey mixed with decoction in decoction provides relief in the problem of teeth and gums.

Reduce cholesterol level

Regular intake of nutmeg is known to reduce lipids and lipoproteins in the blood. Simply put, nutmeg can help reduce cholesterol levels. However, keep in mind that you should not consume it much.

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These can be the disadvantages of nutmeg

The nutmeg effect is very hot. Excess of this can harm your body. This may cause eye irritation, headache, dizziness, skin rash, dry mouth, etc. Therefore, it should be used in limited quantities.

Disclaimer: All the information related to health given in this article has been written for informational purpose. It should not be seen as a treatment for any disease or as medical advice. We do not claim that the tips mentioned here will be fully effective. Before trying any of the tips or suggestions given here, be sure to consult a doctor.

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