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‘Just A Matter Of Days…’: BJP’s Over Gehlot’s ‘I Want To Leave CM’s Chair’ Remark

‘Just A Matter Of Days…’: BJP’s Over Gehlot’s ‘I Want To Leave CM’s Chair’ Remark

Responding to Rajasthan Chief Minister’s remarks about his position as state chief minister, Bhartiya Janata Party’s Shehzad Poonawalla said on Thursday that “people have made up their minds to relieve you from your post.” This comes after the Rajasthan Chief Minister stated that while he is “willing to leave the post (Chief Minister candidature), the post is not willing to leave him”.

Poonawalla also accused Gehlot’s government of being marked by “loot, lies, and divisions,” a criticism that aligns with the BJP’s position in the ongoing political landscape.

“Ashok Gehlot gave a statement – I want to leave the CM post but this post is not leaving me. It is a matter of just a few days, people will relieve you from the post. The kind of government of loot, lies, and divisions you have run, can be seen even to this day. Congress has not been able to release even its first list,” he was quoted as saying by news agency ANI. 

The BJP leader suggested that Gehlot’s inability to release the Congress party’s candidate list for the upcoming Rajasthan elections and the allegations made against some candidates in viral videos have further undermined the party’s credibility. Demonstrations outside the Congress headquarters on 24, Akbar Road, indicate a growing discontent with the current administration’s performance.

“Names of a lot of ministers are going to be crossed out, some candidates are levelling allegations in viral videos, and demonstrations are happening outside 24, Akbar Road. Congress is so nervous about the misdeeds of its government, that it doesn’t want to even appear in examination,” he added further. 

Poonawalla asserted, “People have made up their mind to relieve you of the post,” insinuating a potential shift in voter sentiment against the incumbent Chief Minister.

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Earlier in the day, Ashok Gehlot had spoken about his unique relationship with the Chief Minister’s post. He recalled that Sonia Gandhi, the Congress party president at the time, unexpectedly chose him for the position shortly after taking office. Despite his expressed desire to step down, Gehlot humorously noted that the Chief Minister’s role seemed determined to stay with him.

Gehlot stated, “I want to leave the CM post, but this post is not leaving me, and it won’t leave me also.” He expressed willingness to accept any decision made by the party’s high command, highlighting the unity within the party’s leadership.

In the face of a significant rebellion led by Sachin Pilot in 2020, the Chief Minister emphasised his “forgive and forget” policy and the importance of moving forward. He also expressed concern about recent raids on opposition leaders by the Enforcement Directorate and the Income Tax Department, pleading for the Prime Minister’s intervention and requesting the Election Commission’s involvement.

When asked about potential internal party disagreements over the distribution of party tickets, Gehlot categorically denied any internal conflicts, claiming that all decisions are made unanimously.

Rajasthan elections are set to take place on November 25, with results expected on December 3. In the run-up to the elections, the state’s political landscape remains dynamic and highly scrutinised.

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