July 31, 2021

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Identify Pure or adulterated ghee

Identify Pure or adulterated ghee

Desi ghee looks like butter in color, is made from butter and is like butter in fragrance. Ghee is called Clarified Butter in English. Ghee, considered a dietary source of fat, is special in Indian cuisine. Many women make ghee at home. Many times people also buy and use ghee from the market. But nowadays things found in the market have become quite adulterated and even ghee is not left untouched by them. Consuming adulterated foods can cause many serious diseases.

1. To find out the purity of ghee, add 4 to 5 drops of iodine to it. If the color of ghee turns blue, it means that ghee has been adulterated. Blue ghee means that starch have been added to it.

2. To know whether the ghee is adulterated, put one spoon of ghee in a vessel, add 1 pinch of sugar and a little hydrochloric acid and mix it. If it is adulterated then the color of ghee will change to red.

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3. The most simple way to check the purity of ghee is to rub a little ghee in both the palms and smear it. If after some time the smell of ghee stops, it means that the ghee is not pure and adulterated in it.

4. Apart from this, you can also use hydrochloric acid to check the purity of ghee. For this, add 5 ml of hydrochloric acid in a spoon of ghee. If the color of ghee changes from white to red, then understand that dye has been mixed in ghee.

Let me tell you, many times such a chemical is used to prepare fake desi ghee, which can be harmful for health.

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