October 17, 2021

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BLUEBERRY: Supplies nourishment to the physique and boosts immunity

BLUEBERRY: Supplies nourishment to the physique and boosts immunity

There may be nothing higher than a bowl of fresh blueberries to munch on.

These plump and candy little berries are so yummy that they’re generally known as nature’s candy.

Blueberries are well-known for his or her huge and dynamic well being advantages.

It has wonderful antioxidant properties and is a notable anti-inflammatory agent, so, together with blueberries in your weight-reduction plan is tremendous helpful.

Blueberries have nourishing and soothing results on the mind on account of its pitta pacifying nature.

It is vitally helpful in age-related reminiscence loss, has anti-inflammatory impact in your nerves, and is helpful in Alzheimers.

Its so good for nervous techniques wholesome functioning there’s a saying about it 


Blueberries have Kashaya Rasa

An astringent style and so they pacify Pitta dosha.

This property of blueberry is used for wound therapeutic and lowering blood sugar ranges.

Due to its Pitta pacifying property, it’s preferrred for summer time.

It supplies a cooling impact on the physique and is helpful in eye issues that are related to Pitta dosha. 

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Balya, brumhani

Supplies nourishment to the physique and boosts immunity.

Blueberries are one of many fruit and veggies with highest antioxidant quantity, which forestall free radical formation that may injury mobile buildings.

On account of these antioxidant properties blueberries have potential cancer-prevention properties, protecting results towards ailments like dementia, urinary tract issues, coronary heart points, and eye issues.


Good for reproductive well being, act as aphrodisiac.


Helpful in neurological issues

Improves digestion

The astringent properties of blueberry are in a position to cease diarrhea and helps in troublesome digestion.

Its loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and can assist scale back the signs of inflammatory bowel illness.

Improves nervous system functioning

Blueberries enhance blood stream to the mind, improves reminiscence and a spotlight to required process.  Enhancements in mind functioning helps struggle the pure decline that happens throughout the getting old course of. Enhance within the no. of recent neurons with blueberry consumption slows down this getting old course of.

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Improves reproductive well being

Will increase vitality and is an aphrodisiac.


Blueberries present efficient leads to treating wounds and pores and skin issues.

Even Mouthwashes made from blueberry  dried leaves helps scale back mouth ulcers and on account of its anti-inflammatory properties it reduces the scale of pimples, facilitates wound therapeutic and may be very helpful in different inflammatory circumstances or issues brought on by pitta aggravation.

Tea constituted of the dried leaves of blueberries can be utilized in sore throat and irritation of the mouth/mouth ulcers.

Good for coronary heart

Blueberries are wealthy in anthocyanins, which have can considerably scale back the chance of creating coronary heart illness. Different advantages of blueberries on the guts embrace increased flexibility of the blood vessels, lowered  irritation, and lowered platelet aggregation.

Improves circulation

Extract of blueberries helps in enhancing micro-circulation, which may be very helpful for the capillaries supplying the eyes and mucous membranes of the digestive system and pulmonary system. Good capillaries circulation all through the physique helps individuals affected by arthritis, water retention, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids

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Helpful in kidney stones

Blueberries comprise hippuric acid which acidifies urine, that additional prevents dangerous micro organism from creating in physique and helps in eradicating calcium oxalates from physique that result in kidney stones in the event that they get collected in physique.

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