October 17, 2021

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7 Foods to avoid in breakfast once you hit 40

7 Foods to avoid in breakfast once you hit 40

It’s always advisable that once you hit 30, restrict your unhealthy eating habits. Try to have healthy foods and cut down on sugary things. But this routine should be stricter after you become 40. You should cut out many foods in your meals that are considered to be healthy. Like, in your breakfast, maybe you are having many items that should not be consumed at all after 40. They are extremely harmful to this age. They may increase the risk of many chronic health issues.

Breakfast foods that should be avoided after 40:

Sugary granola

If you are making granola by yourself, you can decide what to put on in to make it healthier. But don’t rely on store-bought granola as you are having more sugar through them.

Coffee with sugar and cream

One cup of hot coffee is great to boost your energy and deal with your mid-morning cravings. But if you put lot of sugar and cream in it, then you’ll ruin the caffeine benefits.

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Flavoured oatmeal packets

Try to avoid flavoured packets of oats for your breakfast. They are packed with lot of sugar that ultimately damage your health.

Fruit smoothies

Smoothies are a great option for having healthy breakfast but only if you are putting fruits and veggies into them. Smoothies packed with sugar have no health benefits. Try to keep a good balance of fruits and veggies in your smoothies.


You must have had a lot of cereals in your breakfast, but now it’s time to stop having them. They are loaded with sugar and preservatives.

Toast and butter

Instead of having toast and butter in your breakfast, switch it with whole-grain bread and peanut butter.


If you are making a sandwich on your own, then have it, otherwise, don’t eat outside sandwiches filled with bacon, sausages, cheese, etc. Those fill your body with unhealthy fats and bad cholesterol.

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