October 26, 2021

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Zavere Poonawala: An inspiring example of humility

Zavere Poonawala: An inspiring example of humility

Mr. Zavere Poonawala (Brother of Dr. Cyrus Poonawala-Chairman and founder of Serum Institute of Pune, which manufactures covishield) is a well-known industrialist in Pune.

He had this driver named Ganga Datt with him for the last 30 years on his Limousin.

When Ganga Datt passed away that time Mr. Poonawala was in Mumbai for some important work.

As soon as he heard the news, he cancelled all his meetings, & requested the driver’s family to wait him for the cremation and came back to Pune immediately by a helicopter.

On reaching Pune, he asked the Limousin to be decorated with flowers, as he wished Ganga Datt should be taken in the same car which he himself had driven since the beginning.

When Ganga Datt’s family agreed to his wishes, Mr. Poonawala himself drove Ganga Datt from his home up to the ghat on his last journey.

When asked about it, Mr. Poonawala replied that Ganga Datt had served him day and night, and he could at least do this being eternally grateful to him.

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He further added that Ganga Datt rose up from poverty and educated both his children very well. His daughter is a Chartered Accountant and that is so commendable.

His comment in the end, is the essence of a successful life in all aspects:

Everybody earns money which is nothing unusual in that, but we should always be grateful to those people who contribute to our success. This is the belief, we have been brought up with, which made me do, what I did.

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