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Union Minister G Kishan Reddy Detained By Telangana Police Over Protest Against KCR Govt

Union Minister G Kishan Reddy Detained By Telangana Police Over Protest Against KCR Govt

Telangana BJP President and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy, who was staging a 24-hour hunger strike in protest against the KC Rao-led government in Hyderabad’s Indira Park, was detained by police on Wednesday (September 13), news agency ANI reported. Prior to his arrest, workers who had gathered in the Union Minister’s support were detained. 

Reddy also posted on X, stating, “Arrested by the KCR govt. – For protesting against the failed promises on employment and youth.”

Earlier in the day, slamming the BRS government in Telangana for allegedly failing unemployed youth since taking power in 2014, Reddy stated that the youth would teach the ruling party a lesson. He claimed that if the BJP wins power in the state, it will provide jobs to young people, similar to how the Modi government has conducted a large-scale recruitment drive.

Addressing a 24-hour protest fast organised by the BJP in Hyderabad in solidarity with unemployed youth, Reddy, president of the BJP in Telangana, said lakhs of youth had fought for Telangana statehood in the hope of finding work.

He claimed that approximately 1,200 “Telangana children” had given their lives in the name of Telangana statehood.

However, he claimed that the BRS government completely ignored the unemployed youth.

“They expected to get jobs. However, even after nine years, unemployed youth did not find work,” he said.

He claimed that the BRS government did not conduct Public Service Commission (PSC) recruitment tests for a long time and “tried to deceive the unemployed youth as part of a plan.”

Finally, he claimed that when the state government conducted recruitment tests, the test papers were leaked due to “corruption in the government” and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s “inability”.

According to Reddy, this has left lakhs of unemployed youth high and dry.

Chief Minister KCR claimed that he promised an unemployment benefit of Rs 3,016 per month but “backstabbed” the unemployed youth.

The CM promised to regularise Home Guards, but a Home Guard recently committed suicide in Hyderabad after not receiving his salary for two months, according to Reddy. “It was not a suicide. It was a murder by the BRS government. Because, you cheated after making a promise. You did not regularise them. You said you will regularize (the services of) Home Guards but did not do so,” he alleged.

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