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Union Min Bhupendra Yadav Attacked By MP BJP Workers Amid Ruckus Over Poll Tickets

Union Min Bhupendra Yadav Attacked By MP BJP Workers Amid Ruckus Over Poll Tickets

A commotion on Saturday erupted among BJP workers in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur regional office. BJP workers clashed with Central Minister and Madhya Pradesh Election In-Charge Bhupendra Yadav after the party decided to nominate an external candidate for the Northern Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly seat. His gunman was also involved in an altercation. During this incident, the BJP’s state president, Vishnu Dutt Sharma, faced opposition from disgruntled BJP workers and was harshly criticised.

According to ABP News, Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav stated in a subsequent interview with journalists that he would address the disgruntled workers. The video of the uproar at the BJP headquarters has gone viral on social media.

In fact, the BJP today announced its fifth list, which included the nomination of Abhilash Pandey for the Jabalpur Legislative Assembly seat in Northern Madhya Pradesh. Despite opposition, former minister Sharad Jain, former rebel leader Dheeraj Pateria, and a councillor, Kamlesh Agrawal, entered a regional BJP meeting room following this announcement. They staged a raucous protest against the BJP’s state president, Vishnu Dutt Sharma.

The uproar lasted about an hour. According to reports, disgruntled BJP workers also had a physical altercation with Bhupendra Yadav, the Union Minister and Election In-Charge for Madhya Pradesh. The disgruntled employees also got into an argument with his security guard.

With a smile on his face, Yadav responded to the incident, saying, “As you media persons will be gone. We will speak with all of them (party workers)”.

Madhya Pradesh’s former Chief Minister Kamal Nath commented on the BJP’s fifth list, saying, “The fifth list of the Bharatiya Janata Party has made it clear that the BJP is leaderless and directionless. The party has not fielded candidates; instead, they have put forward a mix of old and new names. Now, the Congress and the BJP have both fielded most of their candidates in front of the public. Each Congress worker has to participate in the election campaign with full dedication and hard work and defeat the BJP’s defeated team both inside and outside EVM.”

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