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Sec 144 Clamped In Nuh As Police Deny Permission For Shobha Yatra. VHP Claims Nod ‘Not Required

Sec 144 Clamped In Nuh As Police Deny Permission For Shobha Yatra. VHP Claims Nod ‘Not Required

The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Saturday (August 26) declared its intention to hold a “shobha yatra” in Mewat on August 28, asserting that “obtaining permission from the administration for such religious events is unnecessary.” In response to such claims, the Nuh Deputy Commissioner Dhirendra Khadgata imposed Section 144 in the district. Despite denying permission for the yatra, Khadgata mentioned that “some groups” still intend to carry it out. He also announced the suspension of internet services from 12 AM on August 27 until 12 AM on August 29.

“The permission for the yatra (Braj Mandal Shobha Yatra) has been denied. Still, some have stated that they will carry out the yatra. Section 144 has been imposed. Internet services have been suspended from 12 AM on August 27th until 12 AM on August 29,” he said.

This precautionary measure comes after recent instances of violence, including clashes during a religious procession in the district. In a fresh incident, three policemen were injured when a group of individuals allegedly threw stones at them while they were escorting a suspect for questioning.

Earlier in the day, VHP’s joint general secretary Surendra Jain said that the “shobha yatra” would be led by the Sarva Hindu Samaj of Mewat, distinct from the VHP. He stressed the organisation’s willingness to discuss the yatra’s parameters with the administration to avoid overshadowing the G20 event scheduled for early September in Nuh.

According to a PTI report, Jain said that the organisation has stated that it would notify the administration about the procession and was open to discussion about its form and size because “we do not want to cast a shadow on a G20 event” scheduled for Nuh in the first week of September.

“The Sarva Hindu Samaj has decided to take out and finish the yatra. We also do not want to cast any negative light on the G20 summit. We are ready to talk with the administration about the size and shape of the yatra that will take place on August 28,” he said.

“It has been decided that the Sarva Hindu Samaj of Mewat will conduct the Jalabhishek Yatra on August 28 as planned. There is no need to seek permission from the administration before embarking on such a religious yatra,” Jain was quoted as saying by PTI.

“Does anyone seek permission for Kanwar Yatra or Muharram procession….administration is only kept informed of such events. As a result, the administration will only be informed about the Jalabhishek Yatra,” he explained.

The earlier violent clashes on July 31, during a religious procession by the Vishva Hindu Parishad, resulted in six fatalities, including two home guards and a cleric.

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