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Pune: Swarm of Mosquitoes Form ‘Tornado’ Due To Surge In River’s Water Levels, Video Goes Viral

Pune: Swarm of Mosquitoes Form ‘Tornado’ Due To Surge In River’s Water Levels, Video Goes Viral

Residents of Maharashtra’s Pune were left astounded when they witnessed an extraordinary sight – a mosquito ‘tornado.’ The peculiar phenomenon caught on camera was shared on Instagram by the account ‘Being Pune Official.’

Captioned as “Mosquito tornado over a river. Near Keshavnagar, Kharadi,” the video depicted a swirling mass of mosquitoes hovering above the riverbanks. The footage, capturing this unusual occurrence, elicited surprise and concern from viewers, with some labeling it as ‘dangerous.’

According to news agency ANI, swarms of mosquitoes formed tornadoes in the skies of Keshavnagar and Kharadi Gavthan areas due to the elevated water levels of the Mula Mutha River.

Shared on Instagram two days ago, the video has since amassed over 4.5 million views along with numerous likes and comments, sparking conversations and fascination among viewers. 

‘Seems Like A Set Of Sci-Fi Movies’: Users React To ‘Mosquitoe Tornado’

One of the users wrote, “PMC should speed up their riverfront and river cleaning project, this way water shortage issues will also be resolved.”

A second said, “This looks so dangerous.”

“Poor hygiene = poor public health,” posted a third.

A fourth added, “Seems like a set of sci-fi movies with something supernatural.”

“We are in the end game now,” commented a fifth.

And sixth said, “Rivers are self-cleaning. They contain animals that feed on mosquito larvae.

The municipal corporation spills sewage into the river and lets corporations pollute it, it leads to unchecked growth of water hyacinth which makes the surface of the river still enough for mosquitoes to breed. It may look funny but it’ll not be with the diseases they bring.”

Also, Indian Air Force Veteran Flight Lieutenant Virender Singh Virdi (Retd.) posted on his X, “Mosquitoes tornado in Kharadi. Hope this will be taken care of soon.”

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