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Love eating oily food? Then do these things to recompense it

Love eating oily food? Then do these things to recompense it
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We all love to ear junk food or oily food, especially pakoras in the rainy season but do you know they are the main reason for your weight gain and they contain high amounts of saturated fats. Also, they are not cholesterol friendly so whenever you have oily foods it’s better you do some things in order to compensate this thing or to correct it:

After having these oily food items, instead of having cold water have one cup of warm water as it will soothe your digestive system and it will break down the nutrients and convert it into more digestible friendly. If you suffer from constipation and dehydration then it is best advised to drink water.

Our elders usually go on a walk after having their dinner or lunch this is because they a walk can help to aid the digestion but don’t run or do brisk walking as this can lead to you serious problems in the future. Try to do slow walk for about half ab hour right after your meals or after having oily foods.

Always eat more fruits and vegetables as they contain more nutrients, vitamins and minerals which helps a lot in the digestion process and if you always eat oily foods then it may cause many problems.

Do not sleep right after having oily food and sleep well for 8 hours at least. This will make your mind and mood happy.

Do not consume cold items like ice cream right after having oily.

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