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‘Letter On White Paper’: AAP On Delhi Police Notice To Kejriwal Over ‘Poaching’ Remarks Against BJP

‘Letter On White Paper’: AAP On Delhi Police Notice To Kejriwal Over ‘Poaching’ Remarks Against BJP

A day after Delhi Crime Branch served notice to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal over the allegations that BJP is trying to poach AAP MLAs, party leader Jasmine Shah stated that the notice doesn’t include anything about the FIR or mentions any sections of IPC or CRPC, adding that it is nothing but a “letter on a white paper,” news agency ANI reported. 

Speaking with media, Jasmine stated: “Yesterday, a team of Delhi Police Crime Branch came to the residence of CM Arvind Kejriwal. They wanted to give a notice. They waited for five hours before giving a notice to an official of the CM office… The notice does not include anything about an FIR, it is not a summon or a preliminary inquiry, and there is no mention of any section of the IPC or CrPC.” 

He further stated: “Why did the crime branch officer want to hand over the notice to the CM only, without any legal basis?”

Earlier today, a team of Delhi police had also served a notice to Delhi minister Atishi in connection with Aam Aadmi Party’s ‘poaching’ allegation against the BJP. 

Meanwhile, after serving notice to CM Kejriwal, Delhi police official told PTI: “We have served the notice on him (Kejriwal). He can give the reply in three days in a written form.” The police has asked CM Kejriwal to name the seven MLAs who claims to be approcahed by the BJP.  

Last week, Kejriwal claimed that the BJP paid Rs 25 crore to each of seven AAP MLAs to leave the party in an attempt to destabilise his administration.

Following this, Atishi held a news conference, claiming that the BJP had launched “Operation Lotus 2.0” in Delhi. “They had made a similar attempt to poach AAP MLAs last year by offering them money but failed,” she had stated. 


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