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‘Let’s Not Do Blame Game And Work As A Team’: Delhi CM Kejriwal To LG Amid G20 Credit Row

‘Let’s Not Do Blame Game And Work As A Team’: Delhi CM Kejriwal To LG Amid G20 Credit Row

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday to chastised remarks made by Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena that the city government should have worked harder for nine years to prepare for the G20 summit, news agency PTI reported. He said it was not the right time to play the blame game but rather to work together to make the event a success. In an earlier interview with PTI, Saxena said that if the city administration had been active over the previous nine years, the preparations for the G20 meeting would have required less effort.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), Kejriwal said: “Lesser efforts would have been reqd (required) had MCD under BJP worked for 15 years. It is the duty of MCD to clean Delhi. We are all working v (very) hard since we took over MCD. MCD employees have now started getting their salaries on time after 13 years. They are all motivated. They are working v (very) hard.”

“Lets not underestimate their efforts. At a time when we all are gearing up to receive international guests, lets not do blame game and lets all work as a team,” CM wrote on X and also shared the report.

According to Saxena, Kejriwal attended just one meeting on G20 preparations, while no other minister from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) administration did.

“The work done in the last two months has proved that if they (AAP) had worked all through nine years, the efforts required would have been lesser,” Saxena said when questioned regarding the role of the Delhi government in the preparations for the G20 summit.

On September 9 and 10, Delhi will host the G20 summit. The major site for the event is Pragati Maidan.

Along with numerous Central government organisations, Delhi government departments such as PWD, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), and Flood and Irrigation Department have been participating in the huge global event preparations.

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