September 18, 2021

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Kajal found in the market fails in front of home made kajal

Kajal found in the market fails in front of home made kajal

Talking about beauty products, kajal can be said to be the most used product. In order to make the eyes beautiful and big, our grandmother used to apply mascara in our eyes during childhood. Although different types of kajal are available in the market now, but all failed in front of home made kajal. Homemade kajal has been used in the rich civilization of India for a long time. Let us know the benefits of homemade kajal in this article.

1. Anti-bacterial properties

If you use almond mascara or herbal mascara at home, it can be very beneficial for your eyes. Because, these mascara has anti-bacterial properties, which protects the eyes from infection and makes the muscles of the eyes strong.

2. Eye cleaning

The kajal which is made at home, uses ghee and camphor. Both of these substances help to clean out the dirt of the eyes by removing them. This reduces the problem of eyes and your eyesight is also good.

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3. Vitamin E intake

Natural essential oils are present inside the home made mascara. These essential oils are beneficial for the eyes. Olive oil, castor oil and almond oil used in these mascara contain a significant amount of vitamin E. This reduces eye strain and gives them relief.

4. Pure and Natural

Homemade mascara is made of pure and natural ingredients. Because of which they do not contain any kind of chemicals. Because of this, there is no more problem in the eyes than the mascara found in the market and there is no problem like swelling and irritation.

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