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India’s favourite urban hangout SOCIAL opens its first outlet in the city 

<strong>India’s favourite urban hangout SOCIAL opens its first outlet in the city </strong>

Dehradun, 15 February 2023: Almost in the blink of an eye, Dehradun went from being a quaint small town to the bustling hill city it is known today. For a hill city that has a history steeped in culture, literature, and adolescence, Dehradun is also an up-and-coming metropolis that has a strong attachment to the days of yore and childhood.

As India’s leading youth hangout destination for close to a decade now, SOCIAL’s long-awaited entry to Dehradun’s Centrio Mall is expected to be a game-changer in the city’s burgeoning F&B scene. At SOCIAL, work conversations and leisure time seamlessly meld, and it’s also the place where patrons love to eat, drink, and play at its 38 outlets across India.

To keep up with tradition, the buzzing city’s first SOCIAL outlet had to be memorable and modern at the same time.

The outlet breaks the shackles of the screens and takes patrons to the wooden tables and chairs of childhood. The city’s rich institutional heritage serves as a unique backdrop to SOCIAL’s hyperlocal design language approach. Bunk beds are hacked to seat comfortably, quirky notice boards are placed to display the menu, and a courtside provides a thrilling live music experience. The charm of the outlet takes the graduated generation back to its teachers, books, and maths formulas, served with a large glass of their favorite beverage on the table to shake off the pre-exam nervousness. The sprawling outlet is one for the scrapbooks and is made more remarkable by the stunning view of Mussoorie on the other side!

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Inspired by the institutional district, the outlet is divided into sections: each representing a part of an educational project: A dorm room with bunk beds, a library room with rustic wooden chairs, a sports & dance room representing a multipurpose hall, a classroom with old style tables, a makers room equipped with a 3D Printer representing a new school of thought for arts, a teachers’ lounge and even an outdoor play area.

The outlet’s design language is regal yet left-of-center, all at once.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayank Bhatt, CEO of Impresario Handmade Restaurants, said, “Dehradun is the next move forward for us when it comes to expanding SOCIAL to the non-metro markets. The city is an institution in itself, and we’re glad to finally bring India’s leading hangout here with a hyperlocal look & feel. SOCIAL has always been a space for like-minded people to meet and collaborate over work and play while indulging in the best of eats and drinks. We’re confident that the people of Dehradun and the nearby towns will embrace SOCIAL with open arms.”

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Amit Agarwal, Managing Director of Centrio Mall, said “I’m thrilled to partner with Impresario Handmade Restaurants for this launch. I know I’m not the only one who says that our city really needed a space like SOCIAL. I’m glad that we’re finally doing this, and I hope to bring my local expertise along with Impresario’s vision and best-in-class operations to make Dehradun SOCIAL the blockbuster that it deserves to be.”

While the menu here retains the usual SOCIAL flair, the delectable platters like the Momopalooza and Achmed’s Mezze Platter are definitely a highlight for families and youngsters alike to dine in or to order in #ThatSOCIALWaliFeeling from the diverse online menu. The Dope Negroni, Old Smoke, and Burash Savory are some of the exclusively available cocktails at Dehradun SOCIAL, handcrafted by our experienced mixologists using locally-sourced ingredients like rhododendron and Himalayan pink salt. They’re absolute must-tries for a lazy Sunday afternoon or to sit back and relax post the day around town.

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Drop by or order in from Dehradun SOCIAL – the mountains (and your childhood) are calling!

SOCIAL is a path-breaking urban hangout that’s designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected. From an all-day café serving great food, coffee, and cocktails, SOCIAL transforms from this creatively charged collaborative space into a high-energy bar when work hours end, striking the perfect balance between work x play. Each outpost is a representation of the neighborhood it resides in, from the pin code to the people. It’s a second home, workplace, and hangout, all wrapped up in one mind-blowing experience.

Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality Private Limited (‘Impresario’) was founded in 2001 with its maiden venture Mocha – Coffees and Conversations. Today, Impresario boasts a network of 60+ restaurants across 15+ Indian cities. Its umbrella of brands includes scaled brands such as SOCIAL, Smoke House Deli, and Mocha, as well as boutique one-offs such as Salt Water Café and Slink & Bardot. It also owns and operates dark kitchen brands like BOSS Burger, Lucknowee, and HungLi. The company’s core strength lies in understanding the changing dining habits of young India and delivering quality experiences tailored to delight its patrons.

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