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Imran Khan’s corruption conviction and three-year jail term suspended

Imran Khan’s corruption conviction and three-year jail term suspended

A corruption conviction against Imran Khan has been suspended – with his three-year jail term overturned.

While this is a legal victory for the embattled former Pakistani prime minister, it is unclear whether he will be released from prison.

Khan was sentenced earlier this month for unlawfully selling state gifts in office, with an appeals court reviewing the verdict.

Islamabad High Court also granted bail for Khan, but he still faces a multitude of other allegations – including leaking state secrets and orchestrating violent protests.

The 70-year-old has already been arrested on charges of compromising national security.

With a national election looming in the coming months, he is currently banned from running for office for five years – and it is unclear whether the appeals court’s decision affects this.

The former cricketing hero, was ousted from power following a no-confidence vote in parliament last year.

His legal team had argued that he was convicted without being given the right to defend himself.

On Monday, murder abetment charges against Khan were dismissed – with the case relating to the death of a Supreme Court lawyer who was killed in a drive-by shooting in June.

Khan lost power after falling out with Pakistan’s influential military – and his attempts to rally popular support have stirred political turmoil in a country already struggling through one of its worst economic crises.

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