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FICCI FLO hosts inspiring evening with Anurag Chauhan

FICCI FLO hosts inspiring evening with Anurag Chauhan

2nd June 2023, Dehradun: The FICCI FLO Uttarakhand Chapter hosted a thought-provoking and empowering program titled ‘Unleashing the Power of Social Change – An Evening with Anurag Chauhan, the Padman of Humanity’ at Hotel Aketa today. The program aimed to shed light on the incredible work and impact of Anurag Chauhan, an award-winning social worker and the founder of Humans For Humanity. 

Anurag Chauhan, reflecting on his humble beginnings, shared, “As a regular boy from Doon, I had aspirations and a deep passion for women’s menstrual hygiene. My life’s journey began when I had the privilege of meeting Pt. Birju Maharaj during my school days and later joined Spic Macay in 6th grade.”

During the session, he recounted his childhood curiosity, stating, “I used to experiment with my mother’s sanitary pads, but she caught me and explained their purpose. Since then, I became deeply interested in menstrual hygiene. When I further researched this topic, I found out that poor menstrual hygiene is one of the major causes of female deaths.”

Anurag also shared an intriguing aspect of his journey, revealing, “My fashion story began in Dehradun. I used to wear shorts, T-shirts, and casual shoes when visiting colleges for lectures or the secretariat to meet dignitaries. Unfortunately, I was often dismissed and overlooked. However, everything changed by chance one day when I accidentally wore a kurta pajama to the secretariat. Suddenly, I was treated with a level of respect I had never received before. From that moment on, my dressing style and fashion statement underwent a significant transformation.”

The program featured an engaging conversation between Anurag Chauhan and Dr. Prachi Kandwal, delving into the transformative power of social change. The insightful discussion shed light on Anurag’s journey, the challenges faced, and the tremendous impact he has made on society. Dr. Prachi Kandwal, with her expertise, encouraged meaningful conversations and explored the possibilities of driving further change.

During the occasion, Anurag also spoke about his upcoming fashion label ‘Raag’.

The program was chaired by Lubna Mirza, who orchestrated the evening with grace and enthusiasm, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees. The support of The Shawl Story and Art in Fact by Tripti Behl added an artistic touch to the event, further enhancing its essence.

Anurag Chauhan is widely acknowledged for his groundbreaking contributions to menstrual hygiene and social welfare. His relentless efforts through the WASH project have touched the lives of over 3.5 million women across multiple states, earning him the revered title of Padman. Anurag’s commitment to curating cultural festivals and promoting literature has garnered him esteemed accolades, including the Karmaveer Chakra and Mahatma Puraskar.

Speaking on the occasion, Anuradha Malla, Chairperson, FLO Uttarakhand said, “We express our heartfelt gratitude to Anurag Chauhan, Dr. Prachi Kandwal, Lubna Mirza, The Shawl Story, Art in Fact by Tripti Behl, and all the attendees for making this program a resounding success. Together, we can unleash the power of social change and create a brighter future for all.”

The program concluded on a high note, leaving the attendees inspired and motivated to contribute towards social change in their respective domains. The program witnessed a diverse audience, including Immediate Past Chairperson Dr. Neha Sharma, Past Chairpersons Komal Batra and Kiran Bhatt Todaria, Senior Vice Chairperson Charu Chauhan, FLO Office Bearers and members, and social enthusiasts, who gathered to celebrate and learn from Anurag’s inspiring journey.

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