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Art Lovers Rejoice as DGP Ashok Kumar inaugurates ‘Art Centrio’ 

Art Lovers Rejoice as DGP Ashok Kumar inaugurates ‘Art Centrio’ 

DGP Uttarakhand Police IPS Ashok Kumar graced the inauguration of ‘Art Centrio,’ a one-of-a-kind art exhibition, held at Centrio Mall, Dehradun today. The exhibition will go on till the 24th of September, showcasing the creative brilliance of over 20 renowned artists, including Anas Sultan, Anjum Parveen, Anjali Thapa, Ankur Rana, Ankita Singh, Ananda Karmakar, Arbind Singh, Bharti Sharma Nautiyal, Bipin Kumar, Indu Tripathy, Maitreyi Nandi, Meenakshi Dubey, Megha Kathuria, Nirjhar Som, Priyanka Sinha, Ratnesh Dubey, Rupak Goswami, Sanjeev Chetan, Samsher Warsi, Satpal Gandhi, Sarla Chandra, Sangeeta Raj, Sanjay Sharma, Suvajit Samanta, Sridhar Iyer, and Suraj Kumar Kashi.

IPS Ashok Kumar expressed his admiration for the artists and the importance of promoting art in society. During his address, he said, “Art is a powerful medium that can transcend boundaries and connect people on a deeper level. I’m delighted to inaugurate ‘Art Centrio,’ which showcases the immense talent of our artists and their ability to inspire and engage us.”

Noel Vessaoker, Center Director and Head of Business Development at Unison Centrio Mall expressed his enthusiasm for the event and shared exciting news about upcoming activities at the mall. He stated, “In the coming weekend, we are hosting a Live Painting and Children’s Workshop by MD Moin, a Live Painting by Zakir Hussain, and a Charcoal Painting and Charcoal Workshop by Megha Kathuria. These activities aim to engage our community and provide a platform for artistic expression.”

He further added, “Art Centrio will not be a one-time activity. We are planning to host this unique exhibition on a regular basis, ensuring that art reaches out to each member of the society.”

‘Art Centrio’ will offer a unique opportunity to appreciate and acquire exceptional artwork. Art enthusiasts, families, and anyone seeking an enriching cultural experience are encouraged to visit Centrio Mall and explore the diverse world of art on display.

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