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10 fake ChatGPT apps blocked by Facebook

10 fake ChatGPT apps blocked by Facebook

WASHINGTON [USA], May 6 (ANI): More than 10 fake ChatGPT apps designed to scam users have been blocked by Facebook, the parent company of social media giant Meta, according to Mashable’s website it was done.

The company has found scammers using his ChatGPT, an AI-based language model, to take advantage of the public good and trick people into downloading malicious software and his browser add-ons. Exploiting people’s trust in

ChatGPT, cyber criminals behind these rogue apps launch their attacks and compromise accounts on the internet. When users download malware, attackers can always come up with new strategies to evade security measures.

To address this issue, Meta identified and prevented the sharing of over 1,000 different malicious URLs within the app. The company also notified file-sharing platforms hosting the malware so they could take necessary action, reports Mashable.

The surge in online scams has made the internet more dangerous, and even social media giants like Meta are warning users about the risks of fake his ChatGPT app. Users should be careful and download ChatGPT application only from her trusted website.

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