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26 jan 2023

Tula’s Institute holds North East Community Meet 2022

<strong>Tula’s Institute holds North East Community Meet 2022</strong>

Donik Tamar & Agam Modi crowned as Mr & Miss Fresher

26th November 2022, Dehradun:
 Tula’s Institute hosted a Community Meet for the students from North East today. A total of 150 students from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Shillong, and Mizoram were invited to be a part of this convention.

The Chief Guest on the occasion was the Executive Director of Tula’s Institute, Silky Jain Marwah, whereas the Guest of Honour was the Vice President of Tula’s Group, Raunak Jain.

During the program, several cultural performances were held to celebrate the occasion. Students also presented dance forms and songs from the North East. Later during the day, several competitions and rounds were also held for Mr & Miss Freshers.

The title of Mr Fresher was presented to Donik Tamar from Arunachal Pradesh, while the title of Miss Fresher was awarded to Agam Modi from Arunachal Pradesh.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice President of Tula’s Group Raunak Jain said, “Every year, Tula’s Institute holds the North East Community Meet in order to make the students feel comfortable and have a stronger sense of their community. We have also appointed a council to guide the students with matters such as accommodation, transport, and other sensitive issues.”

During the program, the Manager of student affairs, North East, Deepak Bahuguna, said, “The Community Meet gives us a chance to make sure that the juniors get to know their seniors and can contact them when they have any concerns. Our only aim is to make sure that the freshers feel more comfortable.”

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