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‘Not My Personal Opinion’: Gehlot Backtracks After Flak Over His ‘Corruption In Judiciary’ Rema

‘Not My Personal Opinion’: Gehlot Backtracks After Flak Over His ‘Corruption In Judiciary’ Rema

New Delhi: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot On Thursday backtracked from the “corruption” in judiciary comment after lawyers announced a one-day strike in Jodhpur and initiated legal action against him. He said that the statement did not reflect his “personal opinion.” 

On Wednesday, Gehlot claimed there was “rampant corruption” in the state of jurisprudence in the country so much so that he has heard “many lawyers draft the judgment and take them to court and the same judgment is then delivered.”

However, the CM on Thursday said that he has always respected the judiciary. In a post on social media platform X, he said, “What I said yesterday regarding corruption in the judiciary is not my personal opinion. I have always respected and believed in the judiciary.”

The backtracking came after a former Uttar Pradesh chief justice weighed in, a lawyer filed a plea in the Rajasthan High Court and another sent an application to the state’s Advocate General for consent to initiate contempt proceedings against Gehlot.

Taking offence, several lawyers announced a one-day strike on Friday across all courts in Jodhpur, where the main bench of the high court is located. The BJP, the main opposition in the state, also slammed the chief minister.

Clarifying his earlier statement, the chief minister said many retired Supreme Court judges and even retired Chief Justices have expressed concern on the issue.

Gehlot said he has so much faith in the judiciary that he hasn’t ever made any adverse remark on names sent by the high court collegium as part of the process to appoint new judges.

“I clearly believe that every citizen should respect and trust the judiciary. This will strengthen democracy,” he added.

Former Allahabad High Court Chief Justice Govind Mathur said the CM’s comment was uncalled for. “It is not only irresponsible, but objectionable too,” he said.

If Gehlot had any evidence he should have first discussed the matter with the chief justice of the Rajasthan High Court, he added.

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