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Nipah Scare: No fresh Cases In Kerala, Govt To Relax Curbs In Containment Zone Areas

Nipah Scare: No fresh Cases In Kerala, Govt To Relax Curbs In Containment Zone Areas

New Delhi: The Kerala government on Monday said that no new Nipah cases have been reported in the state since September 16. Additionally, all 218 samples collected from individuals on the high-risk contact list have tested negative for the virus up to this date, reported PTI.

Speaking to reporters, state Health Minister Veena George said that the situation was under control and that the government has decided to grant some relaxations in the areas declared as containment zones on September 13.

Kerala Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas, who was also part of the press briefing, said that relaxations would be announced soon in 58 containment wards in the district, according to PTI.

However, the ministers said that a final decision would be taken by the District Collector based on the recommendations of an expert panel.

Speaking on how the virus was transmitted from bats to humans, George said that the surveys by the government and the ICMR’s bat surveillance team have found that the Nipah was transferred from the mammals through their saliva in places where they go to feed.

So it was imperative that fruits or vegetables bitten by bats are not eaten by humans, she added. “In a few days we will get a complete picture regarding this,” she said.

As of Monday evening, a total of 1,270 contacts were successfully identified, with some of them located with the assistance of the police, according to George. Additionally, she noted that over 47,000 homes in the district have been placed under surveillance thus far.

As per the news agency, she also said that the Animal Husbandry department held a meeting with the Forest and other departments and subsequently, decided to carry out a continuous community surveillance.

Regarding the four Nipah infected patients, including a nine-year-old boy, the state Health Minister said their medical condition was stable.

The minister had on Sunday said as no new positive Nipah cases were reported, the containment and quarantine measures would remain in place for 42 days from the last positive case reported.

The World Health Organisation and ICMR studies have found that the entire state, not just Kozhikode, is prone to such infections. 

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