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Nemi Chandra Shakya holds Tarkashi Wood Carving workshop

<strong>Nemi Chandra Shakya holds Tarkashi Wood Carving workshop</strong>

31st January 2023, Dehradun:
 Under the aegis of SPIC MACAY, the National award-winning artist Nemi Chandra Shakya commenced with a week-long workshop for the students of Rashtriya Indian Military College, Vantage Hall, Hopetown School, and Welham Girls’ School.

Nemichandra Shakya is the director of the Tarkashi training center in Devpura in the city of Mainpuri, which is the only center of Tarakasi art in the world. He has immense knowledge and years of experience in Tarkashi Inlay work and has trained many young artists.

Speaking about the workshop, one of the students, Himanshu said, “We found Tarakshi to be a very ancient art form. We, during the workshop, used brass wires on Sheesham wood to create beautiful artworks.”

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Informing the students about Tarkashi Wood Carving, Nemi Chandra said, “Tarakashi is now employing skilled hands. ‘Tar’ in Hindi means wire, and Tarkashi craft utilizes gleaming metal wires set in the wood to craft some intricate floral or geometric patterns.”

He further said that Tarkashi artifacts are the best gifts to be cherished for a very long time.

The students of RIMC enjoyed the workshop and shared their experience on how the Tarkashi Wood Carving is a complex form of art and needs a lot of patience and consistency.

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