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‘Mission Chandrayaan Is Living Example Of Women’s Power’: PM Modi On Mann Ki Baat. Top Quotes

‘Mission Chandrayaan Is Living Example Of Women’s Power’: PM Modi On Mann Ki Baat. Top Quotes

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Sunday in his monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat. During the 104th episode of Mann Ki Baat, the Prime Minister talked about ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3’s success, women’s participation in the mission, the upcoming G20 Summit, and praised India’s performance at the World University Games held in China. 

While addressing the nation on Chandrayaan-3’s success, PM Modi said that it has become a symbol of the spirit of the New India which knows how to win in any situation.

PM Modi’s top quotes from his 104th episode of Mann Ki Baat:

  • “On August 23, India and India’s Chandrayaan have proved that some suns of resolve rise on the moon as well. Mission Chandrayaan has become a symbol of the spirit of New India which wants to win under all circumstances and also knows how to win in any situation.”

  • “From the Red Fort, I had said that we have to strengthen women-led development as a national character. Where the capability of women’s power is added impossible is made possible. Mission Chandrayaan is also a living example of women’s power. In this mission, many women scientists & engineers were directly involved in it. They have handled many important responsibilities like project director, and project manager of different systems. The daughters of India are now challenging even the Space which is considered infinite. When the daughters of a country become so ambitious, who can stop that country from becoming developed!”

  • “The month of September is going to witness the potential of India. India is fully prepared for the G-20 Leaders Summit. Heads of 40 countries & many global organisations will be coming to Delhi to participate in this event. This will be the biggest participation in the history of the G-20 Summit. During her presidency, India has made G-20 a more inclusive forum. The African Union also joined the G-20 on India’s invitation and the voice of the people of Africa reached this important platform of the world.”

  • “Our Presidency of the G-20 is a People’s Presidency, in which the spirit of public participation is at the forefront. Among the eleven Engagement Groups of G-20, Academia, Civil Society, Youth, Women, our Parliamentarians, Entrepreneurs and people associated with Urban Administration played an important role. In one way or the other, more than 1.5 crore people are associated with the events being organized across the country regarding this. In this effort of ours for public participation, not just one, but two world records have also been created. The participation of 1.25 lakh students from 800 schools in the G-20 Quiz held in Varanasi became a new world record. At the same time, the Lambani artisans also did wonders. 450 artisans have showcased their skill and craftsmanship by creating an amazing collection of around 1800 Unique Patches.”
  • “Sports is one area where our youth are continuously achieving new successes…India had the best-ever performance in the World University Games held in China.”

  • “A few days ago the World University Games were held in China. India displayed her best-ever performance in these games this time. Our players won 26 medals in all, out of which 11 were Gold Medals. You will be pleased to know that even if we add all the medals won in all the World University Games that have been held since 1959, this number reaches only 18. In all these decades just 18 whereas this time our players won 26 medals.”
  • “India should bloom a lot in the world of sports and that is why I am promoting these things a lot, but hockey, football, kabaddi, kho-kho, these are games rooted to our land, in these, we should never lag behind. And I’m observing that our people, are doing well in archery, they are doing well in shooting. And secondly, I am seeing that our youth and even in our families also do not have that feeling towards sports which was there earlier. Earlier, when a child used to go to play, they used to stop, and now, times have changed and the success that you people have been achieving, motivates all the families. In every game, wherever our children are going, they return  after accomplishing something or the other for the country.”
  • “At present, the campaign to evoke the spirit of patriotism ‘Meri Mati, Mera Desh’ is in full swing in the country. In the month of September, there will be a campaign to collect soil from every house in every village of the country. The holy soil of the country will be deposited in thousands of Amrit Kalash urns. At the end of October, thousands will reach the country’s capital Delhi with the Amrit Kalash Yatra. Amrit Vatika will be built in Delhi from this soil only. I am sure, the efforts of every countryman will make this campaign successful.”
  • “You must have often experienced one thing, in order to connect with the roots, to connect with our culture, our tradition, there’s is a very powerful medium – our mother tongue. When we connect with our mother tongue, we naturally connect with our culture. We get connected with our Sanskars, we get connected with our tradition, we get connected with our ancient splendor. Similarly, India has another mother tongue, the glorious Telugu language. 29 August will be celebrated as Telugu Day.”
  • “At the time of celebration, we also have to remember the mantra of Vocal for Local. This campaign of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ is the every countryman’s own campaign. And during the festive atmosphere, we have to keep holy places and their vicinity clean; albeit for all times.”

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