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‘Earn Respect With Deeds’: MS Dhoni Shares Leadership Mantra Ahead Of IPL 2024

‘Earn Respect With Deeds’: MS Dhoni Shares Leadership Mantra Ahead Of IPL 2024

Cricket legend MS Dhoni shared insights into his leadership philosophy, highlighting the significance of earning respect through actions rather than mere words. Dhoni, known for his stellar captaincy and man-management skills, highlighted the pivotal role of loyalty in leadership.

During Dhoni’s captaincy, India achieved remarkable success, including two World Cup victories and a Champions Trophy, along with reaching the top spot in ICC Test rankings. In addition, Dhoni is a record five-time IPL winning captain.

According to the wicketkeeper-batter, loyalty is closely tied to the respect that leaders command in the dressing room. He stressed that respect is not automatically bestowed with the title or position but is earned through one’s conduct and actions.

“It is actually about what you are doing and not about what you are speaking. You may not actually speak anything but your conduct can earn that respect,” Dhoni said while speaking at an event organized by Single.ID.

Earning Respect is Organic

Dhoni’s leadership philosophy revolves around the organic process of earning respect. He emphasised that respect is not synonymous with authority; instead, it stems from a leader’s conduct and actions. In his view, gaining loyalty is a natural outcome of earning respect through deeds rather than attempting to command it.

To build a strong foundation of respect and loyalty, Dhoni highlighted the importance of understanding each player in the dressing room. Recognising their strengths and weaknesses is key to tailoring leadership strategies that enhance confidence and mitigate doubts.

“Some people love pressure and some people don’t like pressure. What is important is to understand the strength of the individual and the weakness of the individual,” the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain explained.

Dhoni outlined the need for simplicity in leadership to yield the best results. Keeping things straightforward contributes to building a team with diverse characters. According to Dhoni, simplicity in leadership is a catalyst for success, allowing individuals with varying strengths and personalities to cohesively function as a unit.

“As a leader, keep things simple, and the team will respond positively,” Dhoni concluded.

The 42-year-old will lead CSK in IPL 2024.

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