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Cyber Encounters: Adventures with Criminals

Cyber Encounters: Adventures with Criminals

As technology developed, so did crime. Digital technologies have brought with them a host of online crimes, ranging from gullible people being duped of crores of rupees, being tricked by false advertisements on fake websites, and being tricked into clicking suspicious links through payment gateways.

And those apps are downloaded, allowing criminals to remotely gain access to their devices. From credit card fraud to phishing, the list is endless.

The book ‘Cyber Encounters” goes into the depths of cybercrime and presents twelve interesting stories to you. Ashok Kumar, DGP, Uttarakhand Police, has experience in waging a systematic fight against cybercrime in the state and O.P. Manocha, who is a former scientist, both tell about a particular type of cybercrime in each story, which is based on a true incident.

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Filled with information about the crime, its investigation, and the arrest of the criminals, this eye-opening book is a must-read for all.

Cyber Encounters unfolds a specific type of cybercrime in each tale, based on a true story. Packed with information on the crime, its investigation, and the apprehending of the criminals, this illuminating insider account is a must-read.

When cells and the Web put the world in the palm of your hand, they offered hoodlums a similar chance to trick your reserve funds while being many miles away. Regular citizens and people with great influence have succumbed to cybercrime, up until Amitabh Bachchan.

They can be situated in distant towns in the Jamtala Belt, which runs through Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Bharatpur in Rajasthan, and Mewat in Haryana, or they can call from call centres in enormous urban communities. Up to 2,500 cases of digital misrepresentation were consistently reported in the country in 2022. Cybercrime represented a portion of all announced violations in the nation last year.

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Be that as it may, there is trust. For each misrepresentation enlisted in the country, a committed group of cops consumes 12 PM oil, tracks the computerised impressions of hoodlums, and keeps hundreds with the smallest lead close by to get crooks and get their cash back.

Uttarakhand DGP Ashok Kumarhas previously written two of his books, Khaki Mein Insaan and Testing India’s Inside Security.

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