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‘Can’t Pretend These Issues Don’t Exist’: CJI Pitches For Open Conversations About Periods

‘Can’t Pretend These Issues Don’t Exist’: CJI Pitches For Open Conversations About Periods

Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud on Saturday (August 26) underscored the importance of workplace flexibility and open discussions regarding menstrual health. Referring to an incident involving a woman colleague asking to work from home, CJI Chandrachud said, “Feel free to work from home, I am sure you work as usual. Health comes first.” The CJI has permitted women law clerks to work remotely when facing menstruation-related health challenges.

He emphasised the importance of having open conversations about menstrual health in society. “It’s important that we have these conversations. It’s important because we have these conversations for a simple reason, but we cannot pretend that these issues do not exist in our society,” CJI Chandrachud expressed at an event in Bengaluru today, quoted as saying by news agency PTI. 

“The Supreme Court Bar Association came to me the other day, and usually they come with a list of demands, understandably, because I am the head of the family, and I told the two or three women lawyers who are on the executive committee that I have installed sanitary napkin dispensers in the women’s toilets in the Supreme Court of India, so, I think these conversations have to take place,” he added. 

Earlier in the day, CJI advocated for improved working hours and a healthier work-life balance within law offices and lawyers’ chambers. The CJI shared the story of his deceased former wife, who was also a lawyer, as an example, Bar & Bench reported.

“My late former wife, who was a lawyer, when she went to a law firm, she asked what the working hours would be, and she was told it is 24×7 and 365 days,” CJI Chandrachud said. Furthermore, the CJI stated that she was told there would be no time for her to spend with her family.

“When she asked what about those with families, she was told to find a husband who can do housework and there is no family time,” CJI Chandrachud recalled.

These remarks were delivered during the 31st annual convocation of the National Law School of India University, Bengaluru, according to Bar & Bench. 

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