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Bihar Congress MLAs Reach Hyderabad Days Ahead Of Trust Vote Of Nitish Govt

Bihar Congress MLAs Reach Hyderabad Days Ahead Of Trust Vote Of Nitish Govt

New Delhi: A group of Congress MLAs from Bihar made their way to Hyderabad on Sunday, ostensibly to “greet” Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy, who recently assumed office after the party’s triumph in the December 2023 Assembly elections, news agency PTI reported.

According to the report, the Congress MLAs’ visit is being perceived as a precautionary measure by the party to thwart any potential poaching attempts. This move comes ahead of a trust vote scheduled for February 12, initiated by the newly formed NDA government in Bihar, led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

According to PTI sources within the Telangana Congress, the purpose of the Congress MLAs’ visit from Bihar is to greet the recently inaugurated Telangana Chief Minister. The MLAs are expected to remain in Hyderabad until February 11, PTI reported citing its sources.

Speaking on the Congress MLAs’ visit, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Samrat Chaudhary said the BJP-JD(U) government in Bigar has the support of 128 MLAs and it does not need the support of the Congress to retain power.

“It is good that they have been taken to Hyderabad. The MLAs will tour and see the city of Nawabs (Hyderabad). We have 128 MLAs so we do not need them. We do not need the support of Congress and RJD. We need public support. The NDA government was formed in 2020 on the strength of the people,” news agency ANI quoted Chaudhary as saying. 

Bihar Congress MLA Siddharth Saurav said he couldn’t go to Hyderabad as he got preoccupied with some work in his constituency.

“I have not gone to Hyderabad as there are lot of work going on in the constituency. I was asked to go with them (MLAs gone to Hyderabad) but I refused to go due to the work here in the constituency. They have gone there as Congress has formed a new government in Telangana. Definitely, I will go if I am called for any party event. We will surely participate if there is any party event,” Saurav told news agency ANI.

It is to be noted that in a dramatic turn of events, Nitish Kumar, who has earned monickers such as ‘Paltu Ram’ over his frequent flip-flops in political stripes, yet again dumped the ruling ‘Mahagathbandhan’ (grand alliance) in Bihar and the larger Opposition alliance at the Centre — I.N.D.I.A — and linked his lot with the NDA again.

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