November 28, 2022

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Best Crypto Investments for 2023: Polygon, Mask, and Oryen offer high potential

Best Crypto Investments for 2023: Polygon, Mask, and Oryen offer high potential

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, there are many different alternatives. However, with so many new projects, knowing which ones are worth investing in can take time and effort.

Oryen Network is a cryptocurrency expected to grow in popularity and value in the coming years. There are several reasons to invest in Oryen Network, including its auto-staking method, fast transaction times, and ability to use it for various purposes.

What is the Oryen Network?

Oryen Network is a decentralized staking platform with a guaranteed APY of 90%. Most of the yearly interest is funded by buy-and-sell fees, supporting Oryen’s liquidity pool, treasury, and Risk-Free Value (RFV) wallets.

Oryen’s Autostaking Technic (OAT) mechanism pays out compounded yield every hour, meaning investors earn 0.177% daily ROI as soon as Oryen launches. You can get $ORY token for $0.12, with an 8% bonus. The bonus will go down to 7% next week, and the price will increase to $0.125. So the sooner you join the network, the more $ORY tokens you’ll get.

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The high demand for the Oryen ICO led the developers to expand bonuses, change the pricing structure, and allow more people to benefit. As a result, Oryen has been listed as one of Business2Community’s top crypto projects in 2022, and popular crypto Youtubers like Jim Crypto are now turning their attention to this exciting project. If you want to invest in this revolutionary platform, here is their pre-sale schedule:

Presale Session Date ORY Price Purchase Bonus

Presale 2 02 Nov — 09 Nov $0.1 10%

Presale 3 09 Nov — 16 Nov $0.11 9%

Presale 4 16 Nov — 23 Nov $0.12 8%

Presale 5 23 Nov — 02 Dec $0.125 7%

Understanding Polygon (MATIC) Polygon uses a proof-of-stake architecture to process transactions, making it faster and more efficient than other blockchain networks.

As Polygon is a Layer-2 sidechain of Ethereum, it can easily bridge over to the Ethereum network for relatively low costs. As a result, MATIC holders can use the Ethereum chain’s vast offerings, including staking or liquidity farming. This has helped both blockchains tremendously to garner the attention of investors and builders.

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What is MASK?

Mask Network is a protocol that allows users to send cryptocurrency and interact with decentralized applications using popular social media platforms. For example, the protocol will enable users to send encrypted messages and even cryptocurrencies over Twitter.

Mask Network is a simple interface for using various Web3 apps. It is built on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. With Mask Network, users can swap assets using Uniswap and SushiSwap without leaving Twitter.

Bottom Line

MATIC, MASK, and ORY are primary contenders for your next crypto investment. But as the Oryen Network grows in popularity and value, it becomes an increasingly attractive investment compared to the other two. The reasons to invest in Oryen Network include its auto-staking method, faster rebase technology, and many others. With its advantages, Oryen Network is a cryptocurrency worth investing in for the long term.

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