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Zoho launches early access to ‘Zoho CRM for Everyone’

Zoho launches early access to ‘Zoho CRM for Everyone’

Global technology company Zoho Corporation has launched the early access to its ‘Zoho CRM for Everyone’ aimed at enhancing the needs of businesses.

The ‘Zoho CRM for Everyone’ software solution allows sales teams to communicate and coordinate with other customer-facing teams from the CRM application instead of holding to fragmented discussions.

India is one of the largest market for the Zoho CRM solution offered by the company.

“Businesses are looking for unified solutions that help them optimise for value, maximise their competitive advantages, and tap into new market opportunities amid tough economic conditions,” Zoho Corporation Co-founder and CEO Sridhar Vembu said.

The Zoho CRM software also allows every team to manage their own workflows autonomously within the corporate information technology framework.

“At Zoho, we are focused on continuously deepening our current offerings and expanding others to serve business needs.

Zoho CRM, for instance, is the first true democratisation of the CRM paradigm and helps unify all customer operations onto CRM to deliver better customer experiences,” he said in a statement.

Zoho Corporation on the occasion also announced early access to pro-code software development platform ‘Catalyst’ and application analytics software solution ‘Zoho Apptics’ built on iOS, Android and other platforms.

“…The upgraded Catalyst and the privacy-focused Apptics solution work hand-in-hand to deliver an unmatched developer experience from concept to code, and deployment to analytics,” Vembu said.

The Zoho CRM product witnessed a 33 per cent year-on-year growth in 2023.

Since the launch of Catalyst 2.0 in October 2023, user signups increased by 25 per cent globally while the number of new projects created by users in the platform doubled, the company said.

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