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YouTube Erase Song Feature: New tool to remove copyright music from videos – All you need to know

YouTube Erase Song Feature: New tool to remove copyright music from videos – All you need to know

YouTube Update For Creators: Adding music to videos that are created on YouTube has always been a huge concern for content creators. YouTube has a stern copyright policy and the popular video-sharing platform often flags videos containing music that come under its copyright policy. However, now, YouTube has launched an advanced ‘erase song’ feature, which is designed to assist video content creators to delete or erase copyrighted music from their videos quickly. 

The new tool lets users edit out the claimed portion of the content. This feature works on an AI-supported algorithm, which precisely identifies and erases copyrighted music tracks. Earlier, creators were not able to eradicate the objectionable segment. Users will also be able to replace the song with the help of this new tool. 

More often YouTube video contents receive a “Content ID claim” if there is a concern regarding copyright music. There might be certain limitations on where the content is viewable or if it can be monetized. Now, users can erase the claim and the allied restraints and edit out the copyrighted segment of videos without uploading new video content on the platform. Content creators will be able to substitute the copyrighted audio with other audio available on the YouTube Audio Library. There is another feature that also allows users to mute the song if it is copyrighted. They will be able to mute just the song or the entire audio of their videos.

Follow these steps to erase claimed or copyrighted music from a video

Step 1: First users need to sign in to YouTube Studio.

Step 2: Choose content from the menu located in the left corner.

Step 3: Tap on the filter bar and hit on Copyright.

Step 4: Select the video content.

Step 5: Float over Copyright in the Restrictions column.

Step 6: In the Content identified in this video section, choose the applicable claim.

Step 7: Tap on SELECT ACTIONS.

Step 8: Trim out the copyright segment.

Step 9: Swap the song with other audio from the YouTube Audio Library or Mute the song.

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