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WWDC 2024: From iOS 18 to AI features for iPhone Siri – Key announcements by Apple

WWDC 2024: From iOS 18 to AI features for iPhone Siri – Key announcements by Apple

WWDC 2024: Apple has unveiled a wide range of new artificial intelligence-powered features in alliance with OpenAI at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event this year. The tech mammoth has announced various developments regarding the upcoming iOS 18 and its voice assistant at the conference. The new AI announcement from Apple is viewed as the official drive of the company into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). During the conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook launched “Apple Intelligence”, the new generative AI-power Apple’s smart assistant Siri which has been the major highlight of the WWDC 2024. 

With the help of AI, Siri will be able to manage separate features within system applications, which will be more multifaceted than other voice assistants available worldwide.

As per the report, Siri is being trained on several indirect prompts that depend on contextual understanding. With the new AI upgrades, Siri will be able to perform custom actions and provide everything from hands-on tips to improved responses. The officials of the firm have said that Apple’s AI features which can be retitled as ‘Apple Intelligence,’ will support other iOS apps like mail, notes, voice memos, and more.  Apple Intelligence will help users create their emojis constructed on language prompts and make summaries of emails in the mailbox. The tech giant has indicated that it will distinguish itself from competitors like Google and Microsoft by putting more weightage on users’ privacy in its AI upgrades as it is known for using vast amounts of data.

The CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman also took to Twitter to show his excitement over the new partnership with the tech giant. The Apple AI upgrades will be accessible for free in Apple’s iOS 18 operating system which is due for launch later this year, though the full slate of upgraded features will only operate on more recent models of the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. The esteemed tech firm has been avoiding the term artificial intelligence to maintain its commitment to users’ privacy and data safety. However, this has been mounting pressure on the tech firm to keep up the pace with other competitors such as Microsoft and Google to introduce AI.

The company has said that with iOS 18, users will be able to customize their home screen and control centre, with the capability to now lock apps with Face ID. The forthcoming iOS 18 will have a few additional features such as improved maps, messages, and mail along with a huge redesign for Photos. All of these improved features will also be available in the iPadOS 18 which will feature its own calculator applications along with a floating toolbar in multiple built-in apps.

The forthcoming Mac software update macOS Sequoia will consist of new continuity features that will allow users to access their iPhones from Mac and Safari upgrades that have page summaries.

Apple’s smartwatch software will also see a slew of new fitness-related features such as Training Load that calculates workout intensity. There will be a Vitals app that will collect health metrics and caution users if something is abnormal.  Certain interface changes boost smart stacks. visionOS 2 is a Vision Pro software that allows users to turn 2D photos into spatial photos and support new gestures. According to reports, Apple is also unveiling its headset in other countries outside the U.S.

tvOS 18 is a software that supports Apple TV devices. It will also feature a new upgrade called InSight. It lists info on the cast of the show being watched on Apple TV devices.  With new updates on this software, subtitles turn on automatically when users mute a show, and a few improvements enhance the dialogue audio as well.

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