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WhatsApp to soon let you transcribe Hindi messages – Here’s everything you need to know

WhatsApp to soon let you transcribe Hindi messages – Here’s everything you need to know

WhatsApp voice notes are an easy and quick way that many people opt for when they do not have time or wish to write long texts. This feature of WhatsApp lets people share their ideas and views in an easy audio format. Well, soon the popular messaging app, owned by Meta, will introduce a new transcribe feature that will provide an option to convert these voice notes into text. The new feature will help people translate WhatsApp audio notes into various languages such as Hindi and others. With the new feature, users will be able to read these voice notes on the messaging application. 

The new transcribe option is a useful way of receiving a word-to-word text note for the audio chat. The feature will be quite useful for people who do not want to write long conversations on the messaging app and spend long hours typing. The company might provide this new feature for the audio notes in a future update.

The current status of WhatsApp’s new transcribing feature

The company is currently testing the new transcribing feature for voice transcripts on the Android version beta.  

This feature will allow WhatsApp users to select from available languages such as English, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. WhatsApp is planning to add more languages to this feature in the future. As users will select a language, a package will be installed to initiate the transcription process. For example, if a user sends a WhatsApp voice note describing the directions to a specific location, the new feature will describe the whole audio in detailed text and will also translate into several other languages that can be chosen from the Transcript Language option, which will be available for users in a future update. 

The most vital thing about this new transcribing feature is that WhatsApp will download a package to make sure that the transcription of the voice notes occurring on the device is not shared or processed on other servers. The company is committed to securing all chats, voice notes, and transcription with end-to-end encryption. 

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