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WhatsApp to soon let Meta AI respond to photos, alter them – Details

WhatsApp to soon let Meta AI respond to photos, alter them – Details

The go-to messaging app WhatsApp is one of the first messaging applications, which will soon explore the supremacies of Meta AI. As per a recent report, the popular messaging platform is bringing a new tool to let Meta AI respond to images and edit them. However, prior to getting this new feature, WhatsApp has been creating an elective tool to produce images of themselves with the help of Meta AI. 

Meta has recently unveiled its virtual assistant in India titled Meta AI. Meta AI is now accessible for Indian users to utilize for free of cost across the company’s apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and FB Messenger after the comprehensive roll-out of the feature. This is a clear sign that these apps will utilize Meta AI to improve the user experience. 

WhatsApp is examining the application of a new chat button to help users manually share images with Meta AI. The new feature of WhatsApp is planned for the launch in a future update. With the new chat button, WhatsApp users can ask questions regarding their photos like recognizing objects or offering context. People will have comprehensive control over their images, as the feature will allow them to remove photos at any time. 

Meta AI will have a feature, which will allow users to make modifications to pictures and edit their photos straight from the chat by sharing a prompt. Users can also seek insights about their pictures by asking Meta AI using the new feature. The new tool will be able to eradicate the troubles of using another application to make changes to images. WhatsApp’s new feature will simplify the user experience by streamlining the process and boosting the efficiency of the messaging app. The feature is still in the testing phase and will be available for users soon.

The forthcoming WhatsApp tool will let users shoot a single set of photos, which will be developed by the Meta AI. Users will need to take setup images that will be examined to develop these images, guaranteeing that the generated photos by Meta AI precisely signify their appearance. WhatsApp Users will also be able to ask Meta AI to develop an image by writing “Imagine me” in the Meta AI chat. Furthermore, they can also utilize this tool in other chats by writing “@Meta AI imagine me”. It is essential to know that Meta AI is not able to read other texts, as the command is handled discretely, and the developed photo message will robotically be shown in the conversation, which will ensure complete protection of users’ privacy as Meta is committed to protecting users’ privacy. This new tool will be an elective one and users will need to give their consent. Users will have complete control over this tool as they will be able to remove their setup images at any time via the Meta AI settings.

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