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Top 6 Women Bloggers of India

Top 6 Women Bloggers of India

If you like to create content, then blogging is the best way for you to earn money. Since the dawn of the blogging era, many Indian women have started blogging. Some of them emerged as prominent bloggers due to their excellent content. In this article we will learn about 7 top women bloggers.

1. Tanya Dhar

Urban Diary is a luxury lifestyle blog. This blog explains about fitness, home decor, healthy lifestyle changes and travel diary. Tanya Dhar has worked with Thailand Tourism, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Amrapali Jewels, Captain Cook Cruise Fiji and The Ritz-Carlton: Luxury Hotels & Resorts. Tanya Dhar is among the best women bloggers in India as an affiliate of most of the top luxury brands.

2. Arushi Singhal

Glitter Naturally is a wellness and lifestyle blog run by Arushi Singhal. She is a young entrepreneur who prepares skin care products with organic ingredients that are completely chemical free. His blog is about DIY spas and face masks that can be easily made at home using natural ingredients. She recently launched her own skincare brand ‘Blended Botanica’.

3. Akanksha Redu

Akanksha Redu is one of the most prominent women bloggers in India. Her blog contains luxury fashion and lifestyle content. Her blog has been running since 2010 and Akanksha Redu is quite popular in the fashion industry. Her blog reviews new designer collections, trendy accessories, and cosmetic products. She keeps posting her glamorous look on her blog.

Professional photography by Indian photographer Naina Redhu

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4. Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi is a food blogger for 11 years and has millions of readers of her blog. Their goal is to provide a healthy lifestyle to people by avoiding home cooking and eating out. Archana deals with Indian cuisine, global cuisine, drinks, sweets, snacks and popular cuisine. His ‘Mill Plan’ and ‘Lunch Box Idea’ are popular among his followers.

5. Rukmini Ray Kadam

Rukmini Ray Kadam blog ‘Tramter’ is about home decoration. The blog tells you about everything you will need to decorate your home. Her focus is on beautifying each corner of the house, increasing efficiency of small spaces and gardening. Her blog has won 13 prestigious awards over time.

6. Anupriya Gupta

Life can be difficult for a new mother and parenting is not easy. Blogger Anupriya Gupta writes about tested strategies of dealing with children in Mommy Tincture. Her blog also features fun lifestyles, travelogues and book reviews. New parents can find answers to most of their questions in Anupriya Gupta’s blog.

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