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Easy tips can protect you play a safe Holi

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Holi, the festival of colours will be celebrated on the 28th and 29th of March this year. As we gear up to lovingly smear colour on our friends and family and groove to Bollywood songs, safety must not be forgotten.

To enjoy the festival in a safe and healthy manner, here are some tips and important precautions:

Opt for natural colours: Using synthetic or permanent colours can damage your skin and hair, so it is advised you choose natural colours which are gentle on your skin. If you are unable to buy natural colours, at least make sure you purchase your colour packets from a quality seller.

Protect your face and hair: Apply cream to your face and oil your hair properly before playing with colours. This will ensure the colour doesn’t stick to your hair or skin and can be washed off later with ease.

Wear old, worn-out clothes: This is an age-old rule and a very important one as well to protect your favourite clothes from staining. Ahead of the Holi celebrations, keep aside old clothes that you wouldn’t mind staining and throwing away later.

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Ask friends to go gentle on your face: People usually enjoy applying colour to each other’s faces during Holi. However, this can be dangerous as it could irritate your eyes and mouth. So, request your friends and family to avoid your face area while playing Holi or if they do, then, ask them to do it gently and carefully. You can also close your eyes and lips every time someone applies colour to your face.

Wear sunglasses: Sunglasses offer good eye-protection from chemical colours and water. Eyes are extremely sensitive and become a vulnerable target for ‘pichkaris’ and water balloons during Holi. So, protect your eyes from harmful chemicals by wearing sunglasses.

People with skin allergies should avoid gulal: If you have skin allergies, it is best to avoid the colour celebration altogether. Instead, you can indulge in other non-colour celebrations such as lunch or the preceding Holika Dahan bonfire.

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Do not drive while high on bhang or alcohol: Many adults enjoy consuming bhang-infused drinks and alcoholic beverages while celebrating the joyous festival. However, do not attempt to drive any vehicle while intoxicated as it can be fatal.

Avoid running or sudden movements: Owing to water balloons and pichkaris, the floor is expected to be wet and slippery. So, avoid walking fast, running or jumping on the wet floor as you might end up injuring yourself. Take the same precautions as kids as they are prone to falling down while running.

Take a bath in the end: Instead of taking frequent baths or washing your face in between the celebration, take a shower after all the celebrations are completely over. Using soap and shampoo too frequently can dry out your skin and hair.


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