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Time for some brick “bats” , isn’t it Mr. Xi.

Time for some brick “bats” , isn’t it Mr. Xi.
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On the eve of Bio-Diversity Day, 2020 has been introduced with a harmful agent “COVID-19” used as a biological weapon of war by China.

Mr XI is a powerful, popular, sweet and happy leader of his country but as the saying goes “looks can be deceptive”. How right it stands for him! How? The way his Party’s think tank whispered and encouraged him to be an OVER AMBITIOUS President, to supersede the World.

Xiaoping’s Intelligence made him the enemy of Asia, Europe, America with COVID19. He and his country China is now being cursed by the entire world 24×7…

Over ambition turned him into a leader who was jealous, dominating and interfering in others business of countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, South China Sea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Bangladesh,  Sri lanka, the African countries, Pakistan, Tibet and of course India too, but this is not the end…!

Since the days of Deng Xiaoping, China has maintained assertive foreign policy, portraying itself as a “Super Power”.  Deng’s strategy and ‘prompting behind guidance’ was to keep a cool head, hide claws, buy time and try to take the lead only to dominate the world…

Let us know how the dragon works:

Firstly, they enter with a sweet smile, learn your culture and very smoothly they copy the technology, make it more fancy and flashy, after which they go ahead and do tie-up business deal to supply MSME products in cheaper rates. In the process, they will also donate to poor section of your society. They will look for the weaknesses and extend help to build for you with much cheaper loan of low interest rate. After which, they will ask for land on lease. Then they will build their policy and start talking of the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” And last but not the least; they will finally start labeling it as the great Chinese dream.  The biggest examples of it are: One Belt One Nation Viz CPEC (Pakistan), CBEC (Bangladesh)… Hambantota Port of Sri Lanka and finally at the end of the day, before one realizes, they already owe your land….Mission accomplished.

Well Mr. Xi certainly knows how to cut the cake and eat it too. In the meanwhile, the world is already bearing the brunt of it on its shoulder…!

IT’S NOT THE END: Mr Xi, you have played the game of Chinese Checker well but we Indians are the Chess masters. We will not keep quiet and we will not quit either. We will start with a “BIG NO” to the Chinese market, the spinal cord of your economy. Till then Mr Xi, just wait and watch.

Jai Hind..

Editorial By: Dr. Vineeta Banerjee

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