October 17, 2021

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The Jammulapalem Temple

The Jammulapalem Temple

Located in a quaint village near Tangutur, Andhra Pradesh is an extremely unique Shiva temple. The Jammulapalem Temple has 1116 ShivaLingas arranged in a unique four quadrant formation. Each of the ShivaLingas is adorned with Panchaloha Naga ornaments.

Shiva Temple Jammulapalem is a Tangutur Mandal village in Andhra Pradesh State’s Prakasam District, India. It belongs to the area of Andhra. It is situated 21 KM south of Ongole headquarters in the district. Tangutur 5 KM. 326 KM from Hyderabad State capital. Jammulapalem Shiva Temple is one of the famous temples in Prakasam District.

This Jammulapalem Shiva Temple is a location installed with 1116 Siva Lingas. The place is visited frequently by people from around the location. Even though it’s very large, maintenance is nice. Suggest individuals to visit the site with Naga Dosha to get the benevolence of God.

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