August 05, 2021

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The Inspirational Story of India’s Young Businessman: Naveen Tiwari

The Inspirational Story of India’s Young Businessman: Naveen Tiwari

Work Pays

It is said that when any work is done with true hard work and dedication, then success is definitely achieved.

This has been proved by the young business man Naveen Tiwari, who is known for his skills and talent in the business world.

The founder of InMobi

Naveen Tiwari is the founder of InMobi. To reach this point, Naveen had to face all kinds of struggles and problems, but he never gave up and always kept moving forward to achieve his goal.

And this is the reason that today his company InMobi is included in the list of very successful companies in the world.

Let us know about him:

Degree in Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Naveen Tiwari hails from a simple family, having a degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur.

After this, he started his career by joining his first job at McKinsey & Company in the year 2000.

Apart from working with this technology company, Naveen wanted to develop the go-to market strategy for the Indian corporation.

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MBA from Harvard Business School

After working with this company for about 3 years, he took admission in Harvard Business School for MBA in the year 2003.

During this time Naveen got an opportunity to organize a trip to India for his fellow students.

In the middle of this trip, he came up with the idea of entrepreneurship related to mobile deals and mobile search.

India School House Fund Founded

While studying at Harvard, Naveen founded the India School House Fund, a non-profit organization in 2005, that raises and establishes funds for schools in rural India.

He is also the chairman of this organization.

Apart from this, Naveen also worked with the top management of several tech companies and then joined the venture capital firm, Charles River Ventures.

Here Naveen used to work to prepare investment strategy in India and his understanding had developed a lot in this, which he got the benefit of later.

Naveen founded his company mKhoj in 2007

With his great ideas, thoughts and experiences, Naveen founded his company in the year 2007 and named the company mKhoj, focusing on SMS based search service.

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$5 million Angel funding

The $5 million fund he got from angel funding proved to be very helpful for the establishment of the company.

Subsequently, in 2009, Naveen Tiwari changed the company to a mobile-device advertising firm and renamed it InMobi.

Success of InMobi

After this his company InMobi continued to be successful.

Let us tell you that InMobi has developed its identity as the second largest mobile advertising network in the world after Google’s Admob network.

InMobi today has reached more than crores of users in more than 165 countries of the world including UK, US, China and Australia.

Naveen Tiwari, who is thinking of doing something new like this, is one of the most successful businessman in the world today.

But he had to take many risks to reach here.

In fact, even after the launch of InMobi, many challenges were faced by them, it was very difficult to attract investors from the country earlier than now.

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Convincing foreign investors that good products (software) can be made in India too, was the biggest challenge.

But Naveen, on the basis of his hard work and experience, kept on facing the challenges of everyone, and kept moving forward.

Naveen managed to raise funds despite several attempts to attract investors and customers for the first four months.

Today the company has been able to connect more than 1200 million smartphone users all over the world.

Not only this, in MIT’s Technology Review, InMobi has been included in the 50 most popular companies in the world.

The way Naveen Tiwari, who aspires to become an entrepreneur, has achieved success on the basis of his hard work and honesty, it is really praise-e-worthy and also an inspiration.

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