September 27, 2021

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Sleeping positions that reveal your personality

Sleeping positions that reveal your personality

When we nod off , we become completely open and faithful ourselves. There are not any masks, no roles to play, and that we don’t need to prove anything to anyone. It’s a vulnerable and sincere state that permits us to abandoning , relax, and act natural.

This is when your body chooses an edge that most accurately fits your personality or current state of mind. You can curl into a fetal position feeling too sensitive or opened up sort of a starfish, craving attention. Each sleeping position tells something about your personality that you might otherwise never notice!

Fetal position

Fetal position is one among the foremost common ways both men and ladies attend sleep. If you wish to nod off all curled into a ball, this suggests a couple of things: you lack a way of security and check out revisit that warm feeling of being hidden inside a mother’s womb; you’re a touch shy with new people, but open up pretty quickly.

On your tummy

If you wish sleeping on your stomach, then your personality is sort of irritable. This is mostly caused by the quantity of pain you experience upon awakening . Sleeping during this position causes muscle stiffness, neck pain, and various spasms. If this sounds familiar, believe changing your sleeping position and you’ll see how grumpy mornings will become easy and pleasant wake-ups.

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Like a log

If your most favourite sleeping position is on your side with arms and legs stretched-out during a relaxing way, then you’re sleeping within the so-called ‘log’ position. This means you’ve got an open and easy-going personality, being a true social butterfly. You also trust people, maybe too much! It’s the second commonest sleeping position after the fetal one.

On your back

Also known as ‘the Soldier’, this sleeping position is chosen by people who are reserved, quiet, and like to keep to themselves. You have a strict moral code and not too many friends, as it’s hard to urge on the brink of you. Those people who manage to do that get to know a different, less strict side of you.


Stargazer position is pretty rare, but comfy and says tons about you. It’s an open position with arms tucked under your head as if you’re lying on the bottom gazing at the celebs . People who like better to sleep during this position are cheerful, happy, and responsible. They cherish their friendships and would anything to guard their loved ones.

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Freefaller position is characterised by sleeping on your tummy, but with arms wrapped around your pillow. Not many of us sleep one their tummy generally , including with such modifications. When it involves personality, such people are mostly bold and sociable, but can’t really accept criticism and obtain lost in unusual or absurd situations.

Pillow huggers

Pillow huggers can’t attend sleep without cuddling their favourite pillow first. If you wish to sleep during this position, this suggests that different relationships are really important for you. You cherish the private bonds you’ve got together with your friends, family, boyfriend, and there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them.

Change your lifestyle

Bear in mind that each one people move in the dark during their sleep – this is often simply a matter of health and comfort! Nevertheless, if you discover yourself changing your sleeping positions too often, this is often a sure sign that you’re browsing some rough patches that unconsciously cause you to restless even during the night. You should change your lifestyle to scale back stress and anxiety levels.

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