December 07, 2021

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Self-Inspired Volunteer, Vaibhav Bhargava

Self-Inspired Volunteer, Vaibhav Bhargava

During the beginning of Covid the second wave, somewhere in April 2021,  Vaibhav Bhargava, a banker by profession, got a message from his college best friend about the requirement of a plasma donor for his friend’s father-in-law whom Covid severely infected in Delhi. So he hurriedly started posting the message on his WhatsApp groups to see if someone can help. Finally, Vaibhav got a reply from his school’s alumni group to join Self-Inspired Volunteers Network (SIVN) Helpdesk, run by his school senior Shahab Mohammad.

The SIVN Helpdesk was one of the busiest WhatsApp groups he had witnessed with patient’s kins posting requests on the requirement of plasma, hospital beds, oxygen, Remdisvir, Etc.  SIVN’s volunteers worked with complete dedication and were replying to each query after conducting the necessary search. Since it was a holiday, Vaibhav also started looking at requests coming in and started responding to them by messaging or calling patient’s kins. Seeing his dedication, he got added to as an official SIVN volunteer. Unfortunately, during the third week of April, he lost his father, and his family also got infected with Covid during May. But he kept his resolution to help the needy so that he and others could save the ones who were still there in this war.

The requests started amplifying, and very soon, SIVN had to create separate helpdesk groups for each state and three other groups to cater to plasma donation requests. Many volunteers joined hands with SIVN, and the volunteer network grew from a handful of ten volunteers to ninety-five as we speak. 

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In all now 25 helpdesks are being managed by 95 volunteers, catering to approx—3000 people connected through these helpdesks.

Vaibhav Bhargava says, “After the second wave, we could envisage that families impacted by Covid would need jobs, would be in financial distress, need help to get back on their feet, and will need post-recovery advice from doctors. Thus we started four new helpdesks.”

The first initiative was to get jobs for the people who had lost their jobs due to Covid; for this, SIVN roped in ninety recruiters across the industry and started collating data of jobless candidates. To date, 23 candidates have got placed with the help of SIVN.

The second & third were to provide complimentary financial planning & free doctor’s advice to people who could not afford the same. Twenty-three financial planners and 20 doctors are now on SIVNs helpdesks to support the needy.

The most recent one is to provide a marketplace to Covid impacted families to sell their products and services.

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To summarise, SIVN, under the leadership of Vaibhav, is supporting the Covid impacted families on most of the needs, spanning from medical assistance to providing jobs.

It’s the sheer power of the purpose which has stitched together many volunteers from across the country. Our belief that the world is full of goodness becomes stronger on hearing such stories.

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