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Rat Found Swimming In Chutney At JNTU Hostel Mess In Hyderabad, Video Goes Viral

Rat Found Swimming In Chutney At JNTU Hostel Mess In Hyderabad, Video Goes Viral

A video showing a rat swimming inside the chutney served at the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University hostel mess in Hyderabad’s Sultanpur has surfaced on social media.

The incident has raised concerns among the students over the safety and hygiene of the food served in the mess of the University.

The viral video clip captured and uploaded by a University student on its social media handle X shows the rat swimming in a large container of chutney. The video shows the rat trying to escape from the container.

From the short clip, it appears that the rat might have fell in the chutney because the container was left open.

Netizens’ Response

The scene sparked debate over social media over hygiene standards and hostel food safety. “For rat it’s like swimming pool swimming here and there in the vessel jokes apart it’s upto the concerned authorities to inspect the hostels and take stringent action on the responsible who do negligiency at there duties,” a user wrote.

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The second user who appeared to be one of the students of the university, mentioned, “unbelievable n completely unacceptable First, we had insects in our food, and now we’ve found a rat, even after an inspection was conducted. This poses a serious health risk and cannot be ignored. Immediate and thorough action is needed to address these repeated safety violations.”

“This situation is not new at JNTU Sulthanpur. Between 2016 to 2020 almost everyday we had to argue with the mess management for providing us this quality of food. Sad to see it continues even today, ” another student expressed his grievances.

The next user wrote “Absolutely unacceptable! @JNTUHyderabad should take immediate action against the canteen management & ensure strict food safety measures. Students’ health & well-being can’t be compromised! @INCTelangana @cfs_telangana, please intervene! #FoodSafety #HygieneMatters

“If I see that with my naked eyes, it will take one month to come out of that trauma,” another user wrote.

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